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SRA Educational Series, 7 PM Tues 19 September 2017, Union Jack’s, 2072 Somerville Rd, Annapolis 21401,  Free & open to the public
It’s Oyster Season! – How Are Our Dear Bivalves Doing?

The months with the letter “R” in them are back and that means oyster season is fully underway – at least for those of us old-schoolers who are picky about oyster rules. So, just how are our bivalve pals doing this year in around the Chesapeake? Are survival rates improving? Will we ever have an oyster population large enough to filter the Chesapeake Bay as they did before the modern age?
Our guest speaker will be Eric Campbell, a Biologist for the Shellfish Division of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Eric holds a BS in Biology from Long Island University. He moved to Maryland in 1997 and has been working with DNR for the past 19 years.
SRA is a major partner with DNR in the oyster growing program. SRA’s oyster chairman Bob Whitcomb has recruited more than 400 oyster growers in the Severn River. Bob will also be on hand to present an update of SRA’s local program, which features distributing 1,950 cages of oyster spat to be raised by volunteers this winter.

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SRA's invasive plant removal with the County Parks and Trails Department, May 10, 2016 on the B&A bike trail. Right to left are Alister Bell, Lynne Rockenbaugh, Lee Meadows, Patti Muir, ?, Bill Ball, Joyce Rosencranz and the ranger.

OPERATION CLEARWATER, 42nd Year, provides regular monitoring of the microbial water quality at your waterfront recreational area. We will monitor fecal enterococci again this year; these bacteria are indicators of contamination of water by fecal wastes of mammals and birds. For further information go to the Operation Clearwater link.


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Stormwater Action Fund, program update announced by SRA.

Oyster News, latest and back issues, plus complete details on how to volunteer.
SRA is a leading partner in the Marylanders Grow Oysters Program, sponsored by the MD Department of Natural Resources which distributes free cages and spat to four points in the watershed.  Please volunteer if you have access to a dock to hang cages from and time to care for the oysters from Sept-May.  The young oysters will be planted on the SRA Oyster Sanctuary reef near the Rt 50 bridge, where they will help cleanse the waters of the Severn.

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