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Severn River Map

This lovely map, approximately (28 x 22.5) inches, was drawn and lettered by John Norton, reviewed by Amy Handen and Peter Bergstrom, and produced by the Severn River Association.  Names were compiled by Peter Bergstrom and Paula Jasinski with assistance from Colby Rucker and other area residents. Hung on the wall, it makes a statement that your home is truly a part of the Severn River watershed.

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This map contains quite a few “new” names, meaning names that are not shown on current street maps, topographic maps, or nautical charts.  All of the names shown on the map are now in the official federal database of place names (see, which is consulted by map makers when they revise maps.  However, there is no guarantee that any of these “new” names will appear on any future maps.  This map also has two other changes compared to recent Anne Arundel County ADC map books: we dropped Howard Creek (shown as part of Luce Creek on the ADC map) from our map because we determined this is a historical name for Luce Creek, not a current name for part of that creek.  We also changed the location of Pleasant Lake since its location on the ADC map was incorrect.

We have listed below the origins or references for the “new” names that we could identify.  For “new” names on this map other than those listed here, the sources were all old maps and we have no information about the reference for the name, although this information may be available from other sources.

New descriptive or historical names: 

  1. Winterberry Pond, Chase Creek watershed (plant that grows there)
  2. Timberneck Pond, Chase Creek watershed  (historical name for creek)
  3. Naval Academy Golf Course Pond, Carr Creek watershed (chosen by Naval Academy staff based on its location)
  4. Moreland Branch, Weems Creek watershed (requested by Annapolis Department of Public Works staff, which did a restoration project on this small nontidal creek, name from adjacent street)
  5. Manresa Pond, opposite mouth of Weems Creek (local usage from name of adjacent former retreat center, and 1989 DNR Vessel Management Plan)
New names honoring people:
  1. Labrot Pond near Hackett Point in Whitehall Bay: named for William H. Labrot (1900-1949), preserved land in area, donated land for Sandy Point State Park nearby; pond was shown (but not named) on 1846 nautical chart
  2. Elizabeth Pond, Rays Pond watershed: named for Dr. Elizabeth Haines Iliff (1908-1985), builder of the pond who preserved land in area
  3. Foster Pond, Asquith Creek watershed: named for Samuel Foster (1916-1982), who built the pond on his estate, Glen Oban, which is now the neighborhood of the same name.
  4. Governor Sharpes Millpond, Whitehall Creek watershed: named for Horatio Sharpe (1718-1790), who owned this pond in 1760 when it was used to drive a mill.  He was governor of Maryland from 1753-1769.  The pond is now inside a cloverleaf of US 50/301, Exit 29, and was preserved during widening of the road for its historical value.
Names of adjacent neighborhoods (all from Gems of the Severn):
  1. Arden Pond (Arden on the Severn)
  2. Pointfield Branch (Pointfield Landing)
  3. Chartwell Branch (Chartwell)


Map was drawn and lettered by John Norton, reviewed by Amy Handen and Peter Bergstrom, and produced by the Severn River Association.  Names were compiled by Peter Bergstrom (working for the US Fish & Wildlife Service and later for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and Paula Jasinski (through a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust to the Magothy River Association) with assistance from Colby Rucker and other area residents.

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