Educational Signs for Jonas Green Park

The Severn River Association is working with the Friends of Anne Arundel County Trails (FOAAT) to design and install environmental education signs around Jonas Green Park.  Jonas Green Park is on the Severn River adjacent to the Naval Academy Bridge, just off Route 450.  It offers a sandy beach for boat launching and a picnic area. The park also has a fishing pier and restrooms for public use. The site is owned by Anne Arundel County, managed by the Department of Recreation and Parks with much assistance from FOAAT who primarily guide the landscaping plans and perform much maintenance of the panted areas.  The Park is handicap accessible and has become a very popular destination for people who otherwise have no access to the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. 

The intent of the Project is to educate the public that uses Jonas Green Park as to the features in the Park and their benefit to the environment.  This starts with the living shoreline installed some years ago by the State and County, and the natural marsh area which also faces up-river from the Park.  It will include explanations of the plant types in those areas, and their function to make the living shoreline work.  Signs are also planned around the rain gardens and drainage ponds installed near the Park building and next to the parking areas.  Other signs will be placed near selected landscaping features to explain the plant types and their roles to enhancing the Severn River’s environment.

The descriptive language used on each sign will be prepared by students and faculty at the Anne Arundel Community College, and based on the many sign suggestions from  One particular goal of this Project is to present these explanations in both English and Spanish, and the AACC will enable this translation.  This is a unique location for community outreach to explain key rainscaping techniques and natural flora to an audience in two languages, engaging our Hispanic neighbors who don’t regularly have an exposure to these phenomena.

A grant application has been submitted that would pay to retain professional graphic design resources to ensure the attractiveness and readability of the signs, and to do this within Recreation & Parks sign standards.  A significant portion of the sign development budget is allocated for design and review, to ensure all parties endorse this Project and the ultimate sign design.  Success will be achieved once the involved parties have expressed their support for the design and contents, and approved the ordering of the sign construction.  Installation will be the final step in the plan, and the budget anticipates retaining a professional sign company to construct and install the signs as a permanent addition to the Park.

Bob Whitcomb, immediate Past-President of SRA will be primarily responsible for leading those contributing to this project.  Diane Evans, former County Councilman, is the Board Member of the Friends of Anne Arundel County Trails responsible for the features of Jonas Green Park, and in coordination with the County Department of Recreation and Parks, will be the key contact for review and approval of sign placement and design.  Questions may be addressed to Bob at

(Revised August 2011)