Great Estates on the Severn, Belvoir Plantation
Saturday June 20, 2015, SRA's Tour/Fundraiser

Belvoir Plantation has had various names since it was built 1680-1690.  About 6 miles from Annapolis, it originally covered 6,000 plus acres from Round Bay on the Severn to Generals Highway.  In colonial times, the brick manor house lay on the route of travel from Baltimore to Annapolis.  The home’s second residents were the grandparents of Francis Scott Key, who spent his tenth summer there.  The home's many guests included George Washington whose travel trunk remained there until being moved to the Smithsonian museum.  5,000 French troops bivouacked there on their way to Yorktown to support Washington in the final battle of the revolutionary war.  A plaque commemorating this is near the main house, which has been lived in continuously since 1690. 

The house is surrounded by one of our country’s oldest arboretums, featuring the state champion copper beech tree that may become a national champion in the near future, and some of the largest southern magnolias in the country according to the U.S. National Arboretum.  Some 30 native specimen trees and numerous native bushes highlight the arboretum.  Archeologists are uncovering the largest slave quarters in Maryland.  Francis Scott Key’s Grandmother lost her sight trying to save several servants from a fire in the estate house. 

This private property will be open for tours the afternoon of Saturday, June 20 as a fundraising event for the Seven River Association.  The property is now owned by Rockbridge Academy which plans to build a campus on the site in the future.  It is generally not open to the general public.  The entrance is at the Rockbridge Academy Sign across from the Eisenhower golf coarse.  One of the two mailboxes their has the number 1489 General's Highway, but it is way to small to read at speed. (Map here)

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