SRA Board Meeting Minutes
2006 September 20

Called to order 7:08 PM by Evan Belaga.  Attendance:
  • Evan Belaga
  • Thistle Cone
  • Richard Falk
  • Walter F. Jacobs
  • Fred Kelly
  • Charlotte Lubbert
  • Ann Pearson
  • Wesley Thompson
  • Bob Whitcomb
  • Bill Wolfe
  • Bob vom Saal

Recovering Non-profit Tax Status: Discussion of the tax-exempt status of SRA. Although federally, we are still a 501 (C) 3 organization, the office of the Maryland Secretary of State, informed Evan that SRA has been changed to “closed status” meaning we cannot solicit funds from the general public.  In order to return to “open status” we have to file documents with the state showing that we receive less than $25000/yr from donations.  Evan will forward original documents from the State for clarification and resubmission. 

Media Coordination: Evan addressed his difficulty dealing with the database and the recent problems with inability to email members; and with mailings. Problems with the Web site and media contact were also addressed. Richard Falk and Bob vom Saal will meet and address these problems.

Executive Committee Members and Officers:  Proposed members:  

  • Thistle Cone
  •  Richard Falk
  •  Charlotte Lubbert
  •  Anne Pearson
  •  Kurt Riegel
  •  Wesley Thompson
  •  Bob Vom Saal
  •  Bob Whitcomb
  •  Bill Wolfe

CBT Grant Status: Of the $25,000 requested, $7,000 was approved by CBT.  Of this, the Scenic River Land Trust gets $4000 as a pass thru, leaving $3000 specifically for SRA marketing.

Marketing Plan:  

Mailing to Waterfront Property Owners  A shoreline restoration postcard will be mailed to 2700 property owners. When contacted by homeowner, SRA will send a SWAT team to evaluate the shoreline, and make recommendations.  Representatives of the State permitting agency will be part of the SWAT team, as will be contractors.  Evan has met with a group of marine contractors, who have committed to a $250.00 joining fee, and agreed to offer property owners a 10% discount on customized shoreline restoration projects.  An additional 5% will go to SRA.

Sales Force –“Friends of the Chesapeake” Business Alliance
Evan made a presentation to Chamber of Commerce, economic development committee. He proposed that SRA proactively work with organizations involved with development. He stressed a desire to work with business interests, rather than have an adversarial relationship. The Chamber of Commerce was in philosophical agreement, and agreed to collaborate on practical implementation.

A sales force, working on commission, with business cards, presentation etc. will be employed to convince businesses to get involved with SRA. The salesmen will be trained by Bill Wolfe, who does this professionally. They will be independent contractors, who will earn a proposed 20% on sales.

The relationship with the Riverkeeper program was discussed. Evan would like SRA to develop a closer association with the Riverkeeper offering financial support for appropriate programs.

 Examples of cooperation with businesses were presented; eg,  Monticello development on Bestgate, which agreed to watershed protection measures, and even donated heavy equipment for Bob Whitcomb’s Saltworks cleanup.

            Premiums – A discussion of premiums to be offered to members, and sold in local stores was held. Premiums include embroidered Hats, sterling silver pins, Framed Severn River Maps.

            Shoreline Restoration Workshop Committee and other events Would like SRA to sponsor another shoreline restoration workshop. Will coordinate with local groups, e.g. Striders, for races etc.

“Change For The River” water bottles. Would like to go to at least 50 businesses and place coin collection bottles with artistic SRA label. Some discussion was held as to the size of bottle. Felt that a 1-gallon bottle would be most successful. .

Budget Approval:  Discussion of revised budget. Accepted as revised.

Meeting adjourned 9:30 P.M.

Richard Falk, recording Secretary

(Revised October 2006)