SRA Board Meeting Minutes
2006 October 18


Board Members:   

  • Evan Belaga, president
  • Richard Falk, recording secretary         
  • Thistle Cone, vice president
  • Charlotte Lubbert, corresponding secretary
  • Pat Lynch
  • Gene Milgram
  • Anne Pearson
  • Kurt Riegel
  • Wesley Thompson
  • Bob vom Saal – treasurer
  • Bob Whitcomb 2nd vice president             


  • David Slade director, FOTC
  • Bill Wolfe  rep FOTC

Meeting called to order at 7:05 P.M.

Promotional items: Hats: Amy Vansant of Annapolis Embroidery embroidered 100 hats in 4 colors with the SRA logo. It was decided to price the hats at $15 for members and $20 for nonmembers.


The 6’ X 11” art postcard announcing the SRA “SOS“ program. will be mailed to all waterfront and waterview property owners in the Severn watershed. The mailing list of about 3400 was developed from a listing of county watershed property owners. The cost will be approximately $1300.00 for printing and postage.


Database:.  The membership database is being maintained by Richard Falk and Bob vom Saal, who are in the process of updating.


Web Site: Thistle Cone and Wesley Thompson will work with Kurt Riegel to upgrade and maintain the website.


Speaker Series:  The Mayor has been trained and designated as one of 40 mayors authorized to present former Vice President Gore’s talk on the environment. She has announced her desire to make a presentation with SRA sponsorship. She has already agreed to do so with the Sierra Club. A joint Sierra club/ SRA venture will be considered. Gene Milgram will investigate this.

Other: A date has been set to meet with the Naval Academy groundskeeper to plan the November SRA sponsored tree planting on the grounds of the stadium. 65 trees have been donated. When the date is firmed up, announcements will be sent to the SRA membership,

A draft of an agreement with the  “Friends of the Chesapeake” (FOTC) was presented by Bill Wolfe, and David Slade, FOTC representatives.  Sales representatives will recruit business owners, for a fee, to be a FOTC/SRA network member, and offer discounts to individual members who will pay $10 for an annual membership card.  A discussion of the finances, and the possible change in SRA dues structure then followed. FOTC is a young provisional 501 (c) 3 fundraising organization. This proposal to go out to the general public may have implications on SRA tax exempt status.  Further discussion was felt to be needed, and Bob Whitcomb and Richard Falk representing SRA  and Bill and Dave of FOTC will meet.

Hidden Pond: A meeting with County representatives has been scheduled to present an accounting of expenditures to date, before the County commits to further money for paving.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM

Richard Falk, recording secretary.


(Revised November 2006)