SRA Board Meeting Minutes
2006 November 21


  • Thistle Cone
  • Charlotte Lubbert
  • Gene Milgram
  • Bob vomSaal
  • Scott Hymes
  • Richard Falk
  • Pat Lynch
  • Fred Kelly
  • Anne Pearson
  • Bob Whitcomb

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 by president Thistle Cone

Evan Belaga has announced his resignation as president.  SRA bylaws stipulate the 1st vice president succeeds; as such, Thistle Cone is now president.

Old business

Gene Milgram reports from The Sierra Club that they wish to join forces with SRA to sponsor a presentation by Mayor Ellen Moyer who is authorized to present the environmental lecture and slide show by Al Gore. They are aiming for a February date.

Membership Renewal Letter 

A draft has been prepared, and will be reviewed by the executive committee. It will be mailed to individual members and community associations outlining our programs.  A membership committee, consisting of Pat Lynch, Scott Hymes, Charlotte Lubbert and Bob Whitcomb was formed.

Bob Whitcomb noted that the membership committee is charged with getting more member communities in, and the SRA officers are charged with giving them a reason to attend the meetings.

Relationship with  Severn Riverkeepers. Scott Hymes discussed the roles of the Severn River Keeper organization and SRA, and advised we avoid duplication of efforts. Bob Whitcomb feels that we should stress that SRA is an organization of organizations, and as such, should encourage community representation and should work in concert with the Riverkeeper program.  Fred Kelly reported that the Riverkeepers concentrate on development of programs, rather than stressing membership. They have a river monitoring program, lawyer’s program, and is in the developmental stage of a creekwatcher’s program, where an observer on a specific Severn creek will notify the leadership with of an issue of interest on that creek.

Riverkeeper has 7 board members, and approximately 600 contributing individuals on its mailing list. They have a paid staff.

SRA is an all-volunteer organization, with no desire for paid staff.

Bob vom Saal, made a motion to appoint Kurt Riegel, as editor of quarterly Log, and maintain the SRA web site.  It is proposed that he be paid on an hourly basis with a cap, the amounts to be determined by the executive committee. This was passed unanimously.

Kurt has proposed that the web site could contain a method of dues payment. Google has a service that can be used for this purpose. The cost is 20cents + 2% for each transaction.

Although it was thought that SRA merchandise could also be offered for sale in this manner, it was decided that we did not yet have a mechanism for managing postage and handling charges. In addition, state sales tax would have to be charged, and we have no permit for this. Richard Falk will look into this further, with the Maryland State Comptroller’s office. It was felt that the embroidered SRA logo hats will be made available to members for $15.00. 

Discussion of the meeting content, and the structure of the Board.

It was felt that both executive committee (business) and general (public) meetings should be held.  Scott Hymes recommended 4 public meetings per year, with speakers, the dates and times to be determined by the president.

Executive business meetings will be held monthly on the 3rd Tuesday.  On the months where there is a public meeting, the business meeting will be scheduled at a time convenient to the majority of the committee. 

Second Vice President The President appointed Scott Hymes as 2nd VP. The board unanimously approved this.

2007 Projects  In addition to the above items, several projects were discussed briefly, including:

  • A CEC (Chesapeake Ecology Center) garden day, whereby the Raingarden established by SRA is maintained.
  • Watershed snapshot. There are still water quality test kits available.
  • Jabez Branch cleanup led by Bob Whitcomb already scheduled for March 31, 2007. Looking for volunteers.


Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Richard Falk
Recording Secretary



(Revised November 2006)