SRA Board Meeting Minutes
2006 December 19


  • Thistle Cone
  • Charlotte Lubbert
  • Gene Milgram
  • Bob vomSaal
  • Scott Hymes
  • Pat Lynch
  • Fred Kelly
  • Bob Whitcomb
  • Steve – Arlington Echo
  • Kurt Riegel
  • Brenda Reiber
  • Julie Johnson
  • Sally Hornor
  • Bob Shade
  • Steve Barry
  • Anne Pearson
The meeting was called to order at 7:15 by president Thistle Cone

Old Business

1.      Membership letter: The letter was mailed yesterday (12/18/2006)

2.      Nominating Committee To date, volunteers for the nominating committee are Bob vom Saal , Pat Lynch & Sally Hornor.

3. Speaker list   The Meetings Committee in charge of selecting speakers for 2007– Anne Pearson, Scott Hymes, Thistle Cone and Sally Hornor will  report to the executive committee by  1/1/07.

Suggested speakers to date include:

  • Michael Furbish for February or March;
  • Ron Bowen  for June:
  • John Page Williams? 
  • Tom Horton
  • Kevin Smith in July at the pavilion of West Severna Park beach, on how to achieve living shorelines, and where to get funding.  .
  • Mayor Ellen Moyer: for September to speak on global warming
  • Klaus Philipsen , November, 1000 Friends of MD, FAST BUS  System, how and where it works so the car stays home
  • Suggestions for other speakers were entertained.

Scott Hymes suggested a weekend workshop in spring at Arlington Echo, possibly in conjunction with a speaker.

4. Annual meeting venue. The question of keeping the annual meeting at the Epping Forest Clubhouse was discussed. It was agreed that lighting was poor for visual presentations, but the venue was otherwise picturesque and the space sufficient for a large gathering.  Kurt Riegel suggested the Indian Hills clubhouse as an alternative site, and will investigate this possibility. Olde Severna Park and Colchester are other possibilities.

 The suggested caterer for the annual meeting is  Lisa’s Luncheonette, same as past years.

5. Watershed Restoration Fund. Fred Kelly (Severn Riverkeeper) notes that  Gov – elect O’Malley has promised to match the WRF if dedicated – and this has influenced County Executive – elect John Leopold’s thinking.  Obtaining and disseminating results of dissolved oxygen levels in the watershed will be helpful to promote awareness of problems, and help to get legislation passed. 

Julie Johnson stated that  her community is opposed  to more government fees which they feel are not used effectively.  She asked if the County Council will  support the Watershed Restoration Fund. Fred Kelly feels that if the State does match the funds, the amount contributed by the County will be more palatable.

Steve Barry noted that  –most Community Associations were initially opposed to the plan, but became more positive as details were made known.  Jim Gracie feels that with the plan in place, more than half of the Severn subwatersheds could improve from unsatisfactory to fair ratings within 3 years.

6.  New Membership Letter series - $3,000 grant approved. Draft of first letter in progress. Question how to process the responses. We can have responses via the Web site or mail.  Hard problem is who will coordinate offers to volunteer – probably should be membership committee, but currently overloaded and cannot do this – need a volunteer to coordinate volunteers & form committees.  Recap of meeting with CBT.  Agreed to send letter – details to be decided by Exec Comm by email.  Send to 2500 property owners first wk of Jan.  Bob vom Saal will enter responses in Database . 

 7.  SRA Website. The development of a mechanism for membership application on the website was discussed.  Kurt Riegel was authorized to establish this link.  A request was made for a volunteer to  help expedite SRA mail pick up and delivery in Annapolis.

8. ”The Log” will resume publication in January, with Kurt  Riegel as editor.  It will be shorter, but published more frequently than before.  As mailing costs are significant  it will be sent only to  SRA members in good standing and  complimentary recipients. Bob Whitcomb will review the list of complimentary recipients.

9. Discussion was held on methods of outreaching to communities.    

10.  Brief progress report on National Fish and Wildlife Foundation funds to SRA for Cypress Branch (Evergreen Road) restoration project.  The grant has been extended to 2008.  DNR officials have requested details of the SRA proposal, and a progress report was given.  AACo will start its remediation of the Cypress Branch stormwater outfall this summer.  Although the regulations still call for the use of Astro-Turf as outfall for  new development,  a proposal to change these regulations to require more effective and less expensive step pools will be made in January.  

New Business

1.  The Board approved the sending of a letter to the Governor thanking him for pledging  to create a State matching fund for counties that establish Stormwater Utilities.    

2.  The Watershed Restoration Fund Work Group proposed that the River Communities request a fund that could be applied to by communities for stormwater infiltration practices, including rain barrels, living roofs, rain gardens, etc.  Del. V. Clagett has requested speaking points to push for this legislation. 

3.      Scott Hymes will be interviewed on Severn River concerns on WNAV radio on 12/27.

4. Olde Severna Park Improvement Association. OSPIA - Neil Schwartz. Negotiated for OSP with law firm last year to obtain a discount for prompt payment.  This discount is why we loaned them money last year.  Moved, seconded, passed to help them with loan if appropriate.  Bob vom Saal to work out details with OSPIA.

5.  Sally Hornor reported that  The Magothy River Association monitored bacterial counts in Mill Creek all year and were surprised how consistently high they were.  Fred Kelly noted that this type of information is a selling point for WRF and he, as Severn Riverkeeper will be doing more monitoring next year. He will seek technical advice from Sally Hornor.  The problem with bacterial contamination of the waterways hit home last year, when Bob Whitcomb contracted a major infection in the Wye River.

A motion was made to establish a link on the SRA website to Sally Hornor to report  infections thought to be contracted from the waterways

Adjourned @ 12/19/2006 9:19 PM

Happy Holidays! - Cookies and cider were served!

Richard Falk
Recording Secretary (from notes by Bob vom Saal)



(Revised March 2007)