SRA Board Meeting Minutes
2007 January 16

Held at 7 PM, Calvary United Methodist Church


  • Bob Whitcomb
  • Jake Jacobs
  • Charlotte Lubbert
  • P.J. Klavan
  • Thistle Cone
  • Patrick Urban
  • Fred Kelly
  • Sally Hornor
  • Scott Hymes
  • Bob vomSaal
  • Gene Milgram
  1. Annual Meeting (June). Fred Kelly will check on the expenses of using the Epping Forest clubhouse again and try to negotiate a reduced rate and try to persuade them to renew their membership. Scott Hymes will be responsible for signage to the event. Tom Horton is the invited speaker, although not yet confirmed; Ron Bowen may also make a presentation. Anne Pearson will follow up on this.
  1. Membership mailing  - was sent on 1/7/2007. Bob Whitcomb stressed we need a plan for followup to non-responders. A discussion was held as to whether this should be by telephone or mail. Noted that funding received was for three mailings.
  1. A Membership committee was established with Bob Whitcomb as chair, Pat Lynch, Charlotte Lubbert, and Scott Hymes. Kurt Riegel has suggested data base storage on a secure web site, with access restricted to selected SRA officers.  Board agreed this is a good idea.
  1. A strategic planning meeting was discussed, and will be held this spring. Sally Hornor suggested the core attendees be the executive committee with others as indicated.
  1. Anne Pearson discussed a new project to educate about and promote stormwater management for the new Constellation of Activists. It will help us understand our place in nature and how to make environmentally sound planning and zoning rules.
  1. A motion was made and passed to endorse Anne Pearson’s letter to the County Council regarding implementing stormwater code language that refers to “replicating the natural hydrological cycle.” Developers should be required to maintain as nearly as possible original stormwater retention, by using low-impact development techniques.
  1. Fred Kelly noted that new Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler wants to focus on prosecuting environmental offenders. Senate President Mike Miller is said to be very supportive.
  1. Jake Jacobs noted an Annapolis Capital article on noise monitoring, focusing especially on houses and parties. He feels more attention should be paid to the waterways and boats. DNR already has rules, and Jake will follow up with more information.
  1. Scott Hymes reported that the Crownsville Conservancy has taken control of the first 2 properties acquired at a tax sale. The Conservancy has applied for a $50,000 grant to pay for legal fees. If this is awarded, they will finally be able to repay SRA the startup seed money we have loaned them.
  1. Bob Whitcomb announced a cleanup on Jabez Branch on March 31, starting at 8:30 A.M.
  1.  Treasurer’s report: see attached.

Upcoming Speakers:

February 20, 2007, 7 PM

Alan Hyatt Installation of a green roof in Annapolis

March 20, 2007 (Postponed from February)

Jamie Benoit, Councilman District 4. Learn more about plans for growth in Anne Arundel County, and how to protect the headwaters of the Severn River.

April 17, 2007, 7 PM

The Business of Green Design, Michael Furbish, Furbish Company LLC. Be inspired by his story of shifting his business from Conventional to Green Building and learn about building for environmental sustainability.

June 5, 2007, 6:00 PM

Tom Horton invited, Ron Bowen, Save Our Severn. Stormwater Runoff, what you and SRA can do to encourage restoration of the River, and an Action Agenda, location to be announced.

July 17, 2007

Living Shoreline at West Severna Park Community Association, see how it was achieved and learn how others can install one with funds from DNR, CBT, et al.

September 18, 2007

Mayor Ellen Moyer presents Al Gore’s slides: Global Warming and what we can each do to reduce its impact.

October 16, 2007

The Fast Bus System Klaus Philipsen, 1000 Friends of Maryland, how and where it works so the car stays home.  Our transportation choices impact our river and quality of life.  See how!

November 20, 2007

Forest Friendly Development (Al Todd, Bay Program Forestry Division)


(Revised March 2007)