SRA Board Meeting Minutes
2007 May 15


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by President Thistle Cone


Thistle Cone

Richard Falk

Charlotte Lubbert

Bob Whitcomb

Gene Milgram

Brenda Reiber

Kurt Riegel

Mike Legacki


1. Election of officers: The slate of officers as recommended by nominating committee was presented to the Board members present;

            President:  - Kurt Riegel

            1st Vice President - Scott Hymes

            2nd Vice President  - Bob Whitcomb

            Treasurer - Bob vom Saal

            Recording Secretary - Richard Falk

            Corresponding Secretary - Thistle Cone


The slate was elected unanimously.


2. Report of Strategic planning meeting

·        Act as advocate for community environmental issues.

·        Support and publicize water quality monitoring efforts.

·        Support restoration and cleanup projects

·        Promote better stormwater management

·        Promote protection of the Critical Area. Bob Whitcomb suggested each community be provided with a map of the critical area in that community.

·        Provide outreach on environmental issues.

·        Optimize information flow between the river organizations in the region.

o       Gene Milgram, SRA representative at Sierra Club meetings reported that they include information about related organizations in their newsletter.

o       The Western Shore Tributary Team, supported by DNR, composed of representatives of Chesapeake western shore river organizations, meets monthly, every 3rd Thursday.  SRA is represented by Bob Whitcomb. 

·        Improve our understanding of the Severn Riverkeeper program Its current and future relationship with SRA.

·        Working on the organizational goals of SRA.


3. The Heron Awards, to be presented at annual meeting, were discussed. Several nominees were proposed, as was a request for further nominees. Thistle will poll Board members via email. 


4. It was suggested that $300.00 be made available for refreshments at Board meetings in the coming year.  This was moved and passed unanimously.


5. The annual meeting, June 14 at Epping Forest Clubhouse. Volunteers are needed immediately prior to the meeting to help set up. The makeup of the meeting (tables, signage, etc.), were discussed.


The format and content of the meeting was discussed. At the business portion of the meeting, proposed bylaw and constitution changes will be presented to the general membership. Moved that these proposed changes be circulated via email to the board and presented to the membership at the meeting. The motion passed by majority with one abstention. 


6. Treasurers report, via email. Total assets, $57,612.77, total liabilities, $2,724.00.


7. Membership report.  Bob Whitcomb compiled a list of Severn River communities from  ADC maps.  He has identified and contacted communities with associations who are not SRA members.


8. Announcements

·        Saturday,  May 19th 9AM –12noon. Chesapeake Ecology Center.  Help weed and maintain SRA sponsored raingardens


·        Sunday May 20th  maintenance of B&A trail


·        Waterfront property owners may obtain a license from DNR preventing hunters from hunting in the water in front of their property.


·        Gene Milgram reported on his prolonged and complicated legal case concerning variances granted for development along wetlands of Mill Creek, south of Whitehall.

·        Bob Whitcomb. An appeal has been filed on the Arrow Cove decision to allow development on steep slopes.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.


Richard Falk

Recording Secretary

(Revised October 2007)