SRA Board Meeting Minutes
2007 July 25


Kurt Riegel
Richard Falk
Sally Hornor
Scott Hymes
Thistle Cone
Charlotte Lubbert
Patricia Lynch
Sharon Wallenstrom

The meeting was called to order at 7:13 by Kurt Riegel.

Formation of an executive committee.  Kurt would like to rely on the Board as much as possible and would like to turn to the executive committee  only when necessary to cover short-term, emergency items. Kurt recommended for the exec comm.

Kurt Riegel ex officio
Scott Hymes
Bob vom Saal
Richard Falk
Thistle Cone
Betsy Love
Pat Lynch

Discussed the function of the executive committee. Sally stated that in previous years, the EC met 2 wks before full board meetings, and discussed issues prior to presentation  to the board. At that time there was large attendance at the board meetings, and many contentious issues, which is not the case at the present time. .

These pre –decisions were also before email, and may not be necessary now.

Attendance at board meetings was discussed. Kurt feels we should address each member community association, and perhaps an article in community newsletters.

Also discussed attracting new members.

Old item. Have previously accepted revised bylaw language, which was to be presented at the annual meeting, but due to inadequate advance notice, was not acted on at the annual meeting.  Kurt will email the changes to the membership for voting at the next meeting

A Coalition of watershed organizations is  being proposed. Kurt will get to the board as soon as a final proposal is solidified. As proposed, each watershed will have one vote.

Welcome to newest board member, Sharon Wallenstrom.

3 slots remain for at large members. Kurt asked for names of  potential board members. 

New SRA member. David Kriebel, professor of Oceanography  at USNA, directs a group modeling the Severn River and Chesapeake Bay. He and Kurt have discussed cooperation with SRA.

Events and Outings. SRA has not had outings recently. Several were suggested, including kayak trips up the Severn, and boat raft up in Round Bay.

Annual meeting.

Charlotte Lubbert was the coordinator of the meeting, and performed many of the tasks including:

  • Working on the program contents and planning menu with Bob Vom Saal.
  • Organizing setup times with the caterer.
  • Securing donation of table centerpieces from Homestead Gardens.
  • Providing pictures for the program. 
  • Writing invitations, and stuffing envelopes (with Anne Pearson).
  • Received the RSVP's and wrote name labels for attendees.
  • Placed announcements in the Annapolis Capital.
  • Bought frames and mats for Heron Awards
  • With Betsy Love drove to Davidsonville to pick up auction plants and table centerpieces. 

In addition, Charlotte thanked the following members for their assistance.

  • Bob Vom Saal for securing the contract for Epping Forest Club House and bringing the wine and liquor license.
  • Lorraine Vom Saal for buying the tablecloths.
  • Pierre Henkart for darkening the room by covering the windows with black plastic.
  • Sylvia Earl for making signage for the meeting.
  • Thistle Cone for bringing the raffle tickets.
  • Grier Smokovich for the raffle ticket selling.
  • Anne Pearson for securing the keynote speaker and provided the introduction.
  • Jim Martin and Ellen Thomas for finalizing the invitations and program formats.
  • Betsy Love for securing silent auction items, and preparing a great display. 
  • Steve McKerrow for printing the awards at Freestate Press. 
  • Ellen Thomas for assembling the awards. 

Meeting day preparations and pre- and post- meeting cleaning, was accomplished by Sally Hornor and Tom Caperna, Scott Hymes, Betsy Love, Charlotte Lubbert, Anne Pearson, and Lorraine and Bob Vom Saal.

Committees: Kurt will circulate names of committees, to help populate them.  

Thistle will put out a press release to the Capitol concerning the SRA comments on new TMDL report by the Maryland DOE.

Kurt will generate a list of meetings which SRA should arrange to cover, preferably with both a primary representative and a backup alternative.

Sally Hornor: asking why SRA is not a signatory to the Recommendations to MDE on stormwater management. She recommended we sign on.

Charlotte  - presented a design for the SRA business card. 

The Meeting was discontinued at 8:46 P.M. Adjournment is pending an email vote on bylaws changes.

Richard Falk
Recording Secretary

(Revised August 2007)