SRA Board Meeting Minutes

February 19, 2008

Bob Whitcomb
Catherine Stirling
Kimberly Benson
Ray Dumentat
Gene Milgram
Mike Legacki
Jake Jacobs
Matt McGehrin
Pat Lynch
Charlotte Lubbert
Bob vom Saal
Thistle Cone
Allison Buckalew
Scott Hymes
Steve Wilding
Kurt Riegel
Richard Falk

Meeting called to order by president Kurt Riegel at 7:10 P.M.

  • Announced that minutes of the meetings will be posted on the web site for additions or corrections:
  • Speaker series: There was general sentiment to continue the speaker every other month, alternating with business meetings. Anne Pearson will be the first of the new series,  to talk on stormwater issues in March.  Kurt asked the members present for recommendations of other speakers.
  • Stormwater legislation: The plan favored by most of the watershed groups, and 3 council members, failed.  A modified proposal, being written by Commissioner John Leopold’s staff with input from councilmembers is expected in 2-3 wks. This will contain a controversial provision allowing a homeowner or business to opt out of paying the fee. Much discussion ensued as to whether this plan would be better or worse than none at all. Some suggested that only a minority of residents and businesses would not opt out of paying, If passed, Thistle Cone suggested the SRA have a campaign to encourage compliance with the fee.
  • Notices of 2 events tomorrow night.  State of the Magothy, and Severn Oyster Farming, at CBF. Bob Whitcomb will present his experience of 10 years of farming.
  • The president asked for volunteers for a committee to start planning the annual meeting. Kurt will get the input of many concerned individuals to prepare his “State of the Severn” address at the meeting.
  • Bob v Saal will head the nominating committee for Board and officers for next year.
  • . Pat Lynch will head the audit committee.
  • Jake Jacobs suggested that each meeting start with introduction of attendees.
  • Bill Tilghman reported that the organizing committee for the Chesapeake friendly neighborhood program, sponsored by SRA has been formed.
  •  Clements Creek project. The proposal to apply for funding to restore the Carriage Hills outfall to Clements Creek was presented by Richard Falk, who requested SRA sponsorship. The board approved this. The Executive committee will review the grant request. Richard Falk will be the Project Director, with a committee of the SRA board to oversee. 
  • Bob Whitcomb, Announcements,
    • Arrow Cove decision, the County and now the courts have sided with the developer, to allow development. It will be appealed further.
    • Noted the media appearances of Fred Kelly , Severn Riverkeeper.
    • Project Cleanstream. Indian Creek. April 4.  Property owners have been contacted, and have given approval for cleanup. Is in planning phases of organization. Volunteers should be at least 15 years of age due to the hazards of steep slopes and the type of trash present.
  • SRA support for the Riverkeepers organization will be  discussed with the coming budget  planning.

Adjourned at 9:05

Richard Falk
Recording Secretary

(Revised Apr 2008)