SRA Board Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2008


Kurt Riegel
Don Morris-Jones
Pat Lynch
Charlotte Lubbert
Bill Tilghman
Jennifer Carrier, 188 Shelton Rd, Crownsville MD 21032 410.923.3493 (Herald Harbor rep)
Matilda Mylander, 801 Robinhood Hill, Sherwood Forest MD 21405, 410.849.5354
Gene Milgram
Matt McGehrin

Agenda Topics discussed, with notes on their disposition, are:

  • Kurt Riegel gave a brief description of the successful SRA Raft-up convened in Plum Creek on June 21, 2008. A good time was had by all, with good food, drink, fellowship, and a chance to spend time on our river up close and personal.
  • Bill Tilghman gave a report on the status of the Bay Friendly Neighborhood Program, asking for volunteers who would work with him to launch this program at summer's end.
  • Gene Milgram summarized the results of the most recent court action on the case of a property in his neighborhood that was zoned incorrectly, and has gone through a number of stages of challenge and appeal. He reported on a recent setback, and is considering what, if any, action is appropriate in the future.
  • Arrow Cove, and plans to develop that property in the Saltworks Creek watershed, were discussed. Oddly, the Critical Area Commission has filed an amicus curiae brief supporting positions of the developer, which has been distributed to SRA board members. Members wishing to formulate an SRA position are asked to contact Kurt.
  • Sharon Waldstrom resigned from the board, citing other demands on her time that were unanticipated.
  • Pat Lynch will chair a committee to review and propose changes to the Constitution and Bylaws, among which would appear to be omission of a provision to fill vacancies, even on an interim basis, on the elected board.

Notes by Kurt Riegel (Stevie Wilding, Corresponding Secretary not present)

(Revised July 2008)