SRA Board Meeting Minutes

SRA September 16, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Introductions were done around the room as new faces were there. 

Bob Vom Saal, Ben Oaks
Bob Whitcomb, Seafern
Don Morris-Jones, Downs
Bert Buell, Murray Hill
Kurt Riegel, Indian Hills
Benda Reiber County Executive Representative
Matt McGehrin, Carrolton Manor
Teg Gattino, Round Bay
Stacey Heckel, Round Bay
Bill Tilghman, Pines on the Severn
Thistle Cone West Severna Park
Walter “Jake” Jacobs, SC John
Jennifer Carrier, Harold Harbor
Sally Hornor,
Charlotte Lubbert, Harold Harbor
Pat Lynch
Steve Barry, Arlington Echo

Need to verify that SRA still has a room reserved at the Church for meeting.

Agenda Item


Action Items


Outreach Grant:  A list of ~2500 people with Severn River front or view was obtained.  A mailing to these property owners was sent.  A final grant report needs to be completed.  Verify consumption of funds from Jim Martin.  We need to find out where a copy of the grant is. SRA needs a better filing system – clear paper trail.  Need to contact CBT for another copy.

*Obtain a copy of the original CBT Grant
* Verification of consumption of funds
*Final Report

Severn River Partnership:   This is a new Trust fund of 1 million from the State of MD.  Most is allotted to agriculture.  Thirteen projects were identified in the Severn River that could be ready to move forward should SRA get the funds.  Study of adjacent urban and suburban streams can be used as definitive improvement.  The Severn River Partners are Anne Arundel County – In-Kind (AACO),  Anne Arundel Community College (AACC – Operation Clearwater Environmental Laboratory),  Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center (AEONC),  Center for Watershed Protection (CWP),  Chesapeake Ecology Center (CEC: College Creek Stewardship),  Generals Highway Council of Civic Associations (GHCCA: 26 communities),  The Rockfish Raw Bar and Grill (RRBG),  Severn River Association (SRA: 57+ Communities and 15+ Organizations),  Severn River Commission (SRC: Anne Arundel County – expected at September Meeting),  Severn Riverkeeper (SRK),  Spa Creek Conservancy (SCC),  St. John’s College (SJC: College Creek focus),  St. Mary’s Environmental Stewardship Committee (SMESC),  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Chesapeake Bay Field Office. (USFWS - CBFO),  United States Naval Academy, Environmental Office (USNA-EO),  University of Maryland, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory (UMCBL),  University of Maryland, Maryland Water Resources Research Center, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (UMWRRC),  University of Maryland, Wye Research and Education Center (UMWREC) ,  Weems Creek Conservancy (WCC)

Technical Capacity:  Center for Watershed Protection is offering grant to help transfer technology for BMPs to other groups.

Home Depot Conservation Festival – September 27, 2008

Betsy Love is trying to develop a presentation and display for SRA so that we can participate in booths for outreach.  She is looking into getting a permanent display together and $1000 was voted on to use for this endeavor.  Volunteers are needed to help man the booth at Home Depot from 9 – 3.
Discussion about also getting a table at the Boat Shows.  Betsy will check on this.

*Volunteers needed to man booths at HomeDepot and Boat shows in Annapolis

Impact fees and General Development Plan (GDP) Status

Pat Lynch explaining that the money requested for infrastructure for new development is 20K per household.  Impact fees have been artificially low for a long time and taxpayers are paying for the long term cost of development.  The Developers have been successful in organizing opposition to the bill by bringing in bus loads of people to create a presence of opposition.  SRA (and other Civic organizations) need to do a better job in showing their support to this bill.  Otherwise the taxpayer can continue to pay for the cost of development.  The vote on Bill 0871 has been postponed due to amendments.  Please contact all the county counsel members about your concerns.

GDP has been meeting to discuss the next 10 years of development in Anne Arundel County.  Not a lot of public input.  (Need to ask Pat how input can be given.)  Stay tuned for a public meeting for late October or early November.

All members are encouraged to call all county counsel members about their concerns. 


A proposed budget was passed out.  There has been an increase in enrollment since the website has been active to allow members to join.  There was a constructive discussion about having a paid employee.  To eliminate the overhead of employee cost – the management of payment can be done by an outside business as volunteer or the person could be hired as a contract

    • A modified budget was introduced and motioned on.
      • Bay Friendly Neighborhood from $1,000 to $3,000
      • Legal Actions from $2,000 to $5,000
      • Core staff support from $12,0000 to $3,000
      • Miscellaneous unallocated from $0 to $1,000

The following budget was passed unanimously – all in favor, no opposition


Bylaws/Constitution update: 

Kurt asked for volunteers to help him review the bylaws and constitution to see if any changes are necessary.  Betsy Love and Stevie Wilding volunteered.  This needs to be done prior to the next annual meeting.


October SRA Meeting

Pierre and John Page Williams will speak about the state of the Severn at the next SRA meeting.  on.  The SRC meetings are open to the public.  They are the first Thursday of the month.  Next meeting is Oct 23


Severn River Commission

Severn River Commission meetings are open to the public.  They are the first Thursday of the month. 


(Revised July 2008)