SRA Board Meeting Minutes

SRA November 18, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Introductions were done around the room. 





Bob Whitcomb

Seafern -- SRA, VP

Fred Shaefer



Matt McGehrin

Carrolton Manor -- SRA


Thistle Cone

SRA – Recording sec


Jennifer Carrier

Harold Harbor

Jon Kesler

Annapolis Roads

Steve Smith


Cannot desiphere

Richard Falk


Charlotte Lubbert

Harold Harbor


Bert Buell

Murray Hill, RA

Gene Milgram

Bill Tilghman

Pines on the Severn


Bob vom Saal

Ben Oaks

Sally Horner


Stevie Wilding

Arden, SRA Secretary

Don Morris Jones



Pat Lynch





Agenda Item


Action Items

Home Depot and Boat Show display results

There was a brief discussion on the success of the display at Home Depot and boat shows.  Everyone thought it was a huge success and many kudos go to Betsy for getting the display together and organizing this.  Some details on how to handle the paperwork for memberships was discussed. 


Bay Friendly Neighborhood Program update

Bill Tilghman gave a summary of the program.  Idea was to promote and encourage neighborhoods to do projects that lead to better water quality.  Application for neighborhoods is on the SRA website.  Winchester on the Severn is doing project to protect ravines from erosion and runoff due to driveways and other impervious surfaces.  We need to realize that each small project can do a lot.  This is a great way for SRA to highlight the good things our communities are doing to protect the river.  The goal for SRA is to have 20 projects signed up on with Bay Friendly Neighborhood Program.  Bill is willing to come and talk with your community association.  410-570-5895 (cell) or  Someone suggested contacting Brenda Reiber County Executive Representative to get info on community associations [410-222-1095].

*Several community reps mentioned projects their neighborhoods are doing.  Please fill application out and send to Bill Tilghman


· Partners on the Severn Grant is sitting with MDE and DNR decision on awards.
·Technical Capacity – SRA has provided the county with recommendations on stormwater projects of concern.  We realize that the county has too many to fix and not enough resources.  So there was concern about providing again another list of projects.


Impact Fees

Impact Fees will be lower for 2009, back to 2008 in 2010 and then jump to $11,000 in 2011


County Council Septic Tank upgrade Bill (84-08)

Bob Whitcomb explained that this bill requires homeowners to replace failing septics with nitrogen reducing system that oxygenate and circulate the waste.  Possible use of flush money grant – county will pay 100% with 5 year maintenance contract and this will be added to property owners deed for life time commitment.  Health dept was against making the bill mandatory-as the cost of $17,000 may prevent residents from fixing ailing systems.  A motion by Gene and section by Bob vom Saal in favor of this bill.  Vote was unanimous. 

Bob Whitcomb and Thistle will work on the letter.

CBT Outreach Grant

Final report has been submitted!!!


Executive Meeting

Dec 1 -- Executive council to meet to discuss allocating the budget for support of legal funds and decide on SRA part time support



· Bob vom Saal is working on the database and will provide Free State Press with the mailing list.  Request for stuffing envelopes to same money.  He will email when letters are ready.
·If you want to write an article for the SRA Log – please send to Kurt.
·Burt Buell spoke about his neighborhood project to create water garden.  Meeting with Colleen Ruder for City

Bob will coordinate folks to stuff envelopes.

(Revised January 2009