SRA Board Meeting Minutes

SRA December 16, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Introductions were done around the room. 




Bob Whitcomb

Seafern -- SRA VP

Thistle Cone

SRA – Recording sec


Ray Dumentat

Herald Harbor


Gene Milgram

Richard Falk

SRA , Downs

Kurt Riegel

SRA President


Bert Buell

Murray Hill, RA

Charlotte Lubbert

Harold Harbor


Walter Jake Jacobs

Cabo San Juan


Christine Kennedy

Harold Harbor

Bill Tilghman

Pines on the Severn


Bob vom Saal

Ben Oaks

Sally Horner


Stevie Wilding

Arden, SRA Secretary

Duane Wilding


Pat Lynch


Betsy Love




Agenda Item


Action Items

Status of Audit Committee

Discussion on the status of the audit report.  The findings have been discussed at previous meetings.  Waiting for a written audit report.

Audit team will meet and finalize report.

Executive Committee recommendation to the Board regarding SRA Legal Actions

Three advocates came to provide information on projects that could benefit from legal funds.

Sara Caldes – Arrow Cove on the Severn – Salt works trees taken down
Ted Kinkel – Old Severna Park Association on Sullivan Cove where 3 piers are being planned in a wetland
Bob vom Saal – 1724 St Margaret’s Road – Gene Milgrams case he has been testifying on

After carful discussion the Executive committee came up with the following recommendations -- $1,000 to Arrows Cove, $1,000 to Sullivan Cove and $500 to St Margaret’s.  Each organization will need to provide a coherent explanation on how the money was used.

  1. Most of the legal action is behind us on all three cases
  2. Looking to place strategic action that impacts the future – instead of contributing after the fact
  1. SRA was involved with moral support for all these causes and promised to provide financial support (Bob vom Saal)
  2. CBF was reluctant to get involved in local cases.  SRA was the only place to turn. (Gene Milgram)
  3. Felt decision by the Executive committee were sound and felt that it is better to get out front of situation.  To be more proactive. (Betsy Love)

Bob vom Saal motion to increase the amounts to $ 3000 for OSPA Sullivan Cove and $1000 to Gene Milgram.  During discussion Pat Lynch revised to $2000 OSPA and $1000 Gene Milgram. This revised motion passed. Kurt
Riegel will require of applicants information substantiating actual expenses, contributions received from all sources, and a write-up that can be used for a prress release and other descriptions of SRA action to support legal initiatives.

Up to $1000 to Arrows Cove

Up to $2000 to Sullivan Cove

Up to $1000 to St Margaret’s. 

Bay Friendly Neighborhood Program update

Winchester on the Severn has a project with steep slopes and ravines on Chase creek.  The community is planning a retention pond and rain barrels and eventually wants to reconstruct a stream.  The community requested $1000 from SRA and will match the funds to start this project.  Discussion on whether every time a project comes up whether the board needed to vote.  SRA already has Bay Friendly Neighborhoods on the budget and felt the program manager would be responsible for dispersing the funds.   410-570-5895 (cell) or


Jake’s Donation

Jake has donated $5000 to the SRA this year. 


Fox Creek

Board of Public Works has approved dredging Fox Creek.   This creek is in Harold Harbor.  Charlotte Luppert explained that Fox Creek is on Long Point in Harold Harbor and is sometimes called Old Place Creek.  This creek has always been shallow and is a beautiful area for SAVs and fish habitat.  Because MDE was not in favor of dredging – the decision was given to the Board of Public Works consisting of Gov. Martin O’Malley, Nancy Kopp (Treasurer), and Peter Franchot (Comptroller). 

 See the December 16 The Capital article.

SRA will write a letter saying we are not in favor of the decision.

Charlotte and Stevie will draft a letter.


Christine Kennedy was introduced at the meeting.  She has accepted the position of administrative assistant.

Refreshments and Christmas cheer was enjoyed by all after the meeting.


(Revised January 2009)