SRA Board Meeting Minutes

SRA January 20, 2009 Meeting Minutes




Bob Whitcomb

Seafern -- SRA VP

Thistle Cone

SRA – Recording sec


Gene Milgram

Kurt Riegel

SRA President


Walter Jake Jacobs

Cabo San Juan


Bob vom Saal

Ben Oaks

Sally Horner


Stevie Wilding

Arden, SRA Secretary

Duane Wilding


Pat Lynch


Betsy Love



Scott Hymes



Don Morris Jones


Don Morris Jones

Richard Falk



I left folks out as I did not get the final sign in sheet.  Who has sit?




Agenda Item


Action Items

Septic Status
(Bob Whitcomb)

County Council Legislative Bill mandating all new septic tanks in critical area have nitrogen reducing technology died. 

Bob is retrofitting his system with less disturbance and less cost than thought.  His bid was $8000.  He is still waiting for the public health approval – being a huge squeaky wheel.  Bob felt he needed to be the change, and reduction of nitrogen is part of the life style of living on the Severn River.  Many kudos go to Bob for following this legislation and being an example of a responsible land owner. 

Suggest we get a speaker at the SRA on the pros and cons of this retrofit of septic tanks.


Speaker Series,

Every other meeting needs a speaker.  Kurt asked for a volunteer to take charge.  Sally Horner volunteered.  If you have suggestions on speakers for topics contact Sally.


Bay Friendly Neighborhood Program update

Bill Tilghman was not present.  Kurt said that 3 neighborhoods have applied.  If you are interesting in applying contact Bill at 410-570-5895 (cell) or


Severn River Commission (SRC) report

The General Development Plan (GDP) hearing set for January 26.  The GDP was to come out today on the county website but it has not yet.  The GDP is advisory and guidance only.  There is no legal force in the GDP.  How can we make protecting the river a requirement?  Scott Hymes, from DNR, gave some hope that Clean Water requirements for wasteswater and TMDL will help cause stricter water resource development. 

SRC voted in support of dredging of the upper Severn Rivers at Point Field and Indian Landing.  There is no indication of SAVs and it will remove sediment deposits and will restore the river to historical depths.  Previous dredging has often improved water quality and the SRC hope that this will be an improvement to the river.

Scott show a diagram where dredging is planned.  Concern for the mud flats of the Severn headwaters was relieved


Sullivan Cove

Old Severna Park Association (OSPA) is embroiled over this.  Not sure why appeals keep coming. The judges do not understand destruction of the tidal ponds.

Head of Critical Area Commission have stated that this is not their department.  The Army Corp of Engineers gave the decision to the MDE. The Severn Riverkeepers put out an action alert to write to the Governor, and other state agencies involved to voice your concern over this.

Kurt sent a letter in SRA’s behalf.

SRA members all should write a letter. 

Geo-social Networking software for the Severn River data.  (Morris-Jones)

Don Morris-Jones explained new software to use to link environmental issues together.  The software is not released yet.  Don will forward the link he is working on to discuss at the next meeting.

Bob Whitcomb mentioned the Chesapeake Watershed Network (CWN).  He recommends we also register with this.  He registered as SRA Project Clean Stream.  Chesapeake Watershed Network, and is found at  You can subscribe to a variety of groups and get lots of email notifications of environmental activities on the Bay.

Don Morris-Jones to forward the link to Kurt on the networking software.

Bob Whitcomb to send link for CWN (done)


Kurt asked if there are any new priorities that the SRA should take action on.  Suggestions to the parking lot.

  1. Make the comprehensive plans legal in the state Denny White – who in council to sponsor.  Pat Lynch will look into it how SRA can be involved. What committee would it go to?  Will inquire with Mike Busch’s office.
  2. Stormwater Controls – Leopold says priority is environment. 
  3. Saving the river/bay is dependent on trees.  Changes with county council for less clearing and incentive to keep mature trees.
  4. ATV legislation to require registration of ATVs.  This would be a better way to determine violators and also bring revenue to the state. 

Kurt had a meeting with Leopold.  He discussed the following things.

  1. Suggested develop legislation by talking with constituent groups like SRA, for the purpose of improving legislation and building consensus necessary to secure support on Council.
  2. AACo need statement of no net loss of forest.  Enforceable.  Obliged to do off sets.


Project Inventory

Project Clean Stream – Bob Whitcomb is planning a cleanup for April 4.  Possibly will return to Indian creek to continue the efforts from last year.

Need to design well conceived projects and apply for grants. 

With the new stimulus package – our projects could be part of. 


Nomination Committee

This years’ nomination committee is
Bob vom Saal
Don Morris Jones
Betzy Love
Richard Falk
Charlotte Luppert


Treasurers Report

Bob vom Saal handed out the 2008 treasurers report. 

The IRS has charged the SRA with a late fee because the file for extension was not received.

Financial committee of Bob vS and Bob W. to come up with ideas to invest savings

Bob S. and Bob W to bring ideas to invest SRA savings.


The 2009 suggested budget was distributed.  Motion passed to add $500 to church for 2009.  They will charge $300 and this will provide them with an additional $200 for the past year.  The 2009 budget was adopted with one abstention and no nays.

Someone needs to inquire with the church on a contract for 2009.


(Revised February 2009)