SRA Board Meeting Minutes

Severn River Association – Board of Directors Meeting
October 20, 2009

  1. Introductions - Officers Report
    • Don Morris-Jones as our Government Relations has been active in the Chesapeake Bay Forum – Panel – Chuck Fox;  EPA Restoration Plan – due by December.  Will have a strong regulation component and carbon mandate.   Senator Cardin working on bay initiative money for Bay restoration.  Emphasis on storm water -- goal is for 40% reduction.
      Active in DNR Tributary Program
      MD League of Conservation Voters will be interviewing candidates. 
    • Bob vom Saal distributed the Treasures report
      Discussion about log and new membership to be sent in same mailing
      He could use help in maintaining membership database (Access).  If you are interested, please contact Bob.
    • Betsy Love, 1st Vice President is leading the membership recruitment effort and has been authoring the monthly electronic SRA News
    • Thistle Cone was recognized for keeping SRA in the press.

  2. Proposed Stormwater Restoration – Carrollton Manor (Lisa Bender & Retta Barkley)
    • Carrollton Manor in Severna Park is and older community with ~540 homes with small postage stamp lots (100’x30’). 
    • The community has 3 Beaches: Sunset, Hill Bottom and Crab Away. 
    • All 3 beaches have stormwater erosion because all the rain from roads and homes are funneled to the beaches. 
    • People at the top-of-the-hill need to be mindful of the people at the bottom-of-the-hill. 
    • Water is moving faster and more of it.
    • Lisa gave a wonderful Power Point presentation of the restoration projects proposed for redirecting the stormwater going to two beaches: Sunset and Crab Away
    • Formed Erosion Committee.  Design was from landscape engineer,  Anne Guillette.  She was able to help with ideas, get the community focused and teach about rain gardens
    • Could use SRA support in tackling the Hill Bottom beach

  3. Stormwater Restoration – Clements Creek (Sara Caldes, Project manager, Carriage Hills)
    • Keith Underwood and Associates was the qualified bidder
    • Have stimulus money for this project which is huge
    • Sara will be managing the grant
    • Information about the project can be obtained from
  4. Priest Point
    • Discussed letter sent in support of house being planned on Priest Point
    • Some felt this was a very rushed decision.  Kurt recently walked the property and reported that the facts in the owner’s letter are wrong.  The R2 area designated for development – formally agriculture -- is full of bamboo.  The inside – on point -- has big trees.
    • The Executive Committee has limited power to act on an emergency basis when justified, Board of Directors.   The Executive Committee does not have jurisdiction and action over SRA policy -- this is the function for the full SRA Board of Directors.
    • Gene Milgram stated that Josh Cohen has been working on this for years – and did not understand  the rush required
    • Weems Creek Conservancy tried to buy the property.  Feel that the owners are getting the prestigious SRA support is not good.  Possibly because money is tight, the owner feels a need to act or let go.  Do not understand why SRK took the position. 
    • Motion was made to withdraw support.  Motion carried.
    • Motion was made that the SRA president shall make best efforts to keep known active members of the full Board of Directors informed of developments having policy or governance implications, as they occur.  Motion carried.

  5. It was suggested volunteers be solicited for the Nominating Committee, and Bob vom Saal and Kurt Riegel raised their hands to volunteer

  6. Bay Friendly Neighborhood Program – Bill Tillgram cannot continue this program.  He needs more resources than he can devote.  SRA will need more volunteers to continue.  There were 5 neighborhoods that participated. (Saefern, Winchester, Downs, Carrollton Manor, Murray Hill). The projects in the other neighborhoods will be summarized in a future meeting.

  7. Steve Barry spoke about the next round of Watershed Steward Academy.

  8. Will discuss the storm water issues on Severn and what projects AACo. DPW are working on.

  9. City of Annapolis will be giving away trees at Truxton Park

  10. Jake has become the proud owner of a Wye Oak sapling.  He requested that we participate in planting trees in Home Port with the South River Federation.

Meeting Adjourned

(Revised Feb 2010)