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Cohen announces transition team

Includes campaign workers, current and future council members

Published 11/11/09

Joshua McKerrow - The Capital
Mayor-elect Josh Cohen announced his transition team Tuesday in Council Chamgers.  He appointed Zina Pierre transition team co-chairman.

Mayor-elect Josh Cohen announced his transition team yesterday, asking a bipartisan and eclectic group of Annapolitans to address issues ranging from crime to the environment.

The 88-member team - led by former Democratic mayoral candidate Zina Pierre and Greg Stiverson, a Republican who lost a bid to represent Ward 6 - has been charged with analyzing the way city government runs and to suggest ways to make it more effective and efficient.

They are not responsible for naming new heads to the city's 18 departments - Cohen said he will start to do that in the next week or so, along with key members of his administration such as city attorney and city administrator.

Cohen's two opponents in the Nov. 3 general election, Alderman David Cordle, R-Ward 5, and independent candidate Chris Fox are also on the team. Cohen received 3,654 votes, around 46 percent of the vote. Cordle received 3,178 votes and Fox 1,018.

"It does not matter to me if this is a, quote unquote, Democratic idea or a Republican idea," Cohen said at a brief news conference in the council chambers, his first since last week's election.

Cohen, who is referring to the group as his "Idea Team," has divided its volunteer members into eight different committees, each responsible for addressing a different issue. Each has a chairman and a member of the next council in its ranks. They are as follows:

Budget and Finance Team: Maurice Tose, chairman; Alderwoman Classie Hoyle, D-Ward 3.

Economic Development Team: Chuck Walsh, chairman; Alderman Fred Paone, R-Ward 2.

Environment Team: Chris Trumbauer, chairman; Alderwoman Sheila Finlayson, D-Ward 4.

Government Structure and Permitting Team: Doug Smith, chairman; Alderman Ross Arnett, D-Ward 8.

Housing and Community Services Team: Sharon Brown, chairwoman; Alderman-elect Kenny Kirby, D-Ward 6.

Market House and City

Dock Team: Judd Legum, chairman; Alderman Dick Israel, D-Ward 1.

Public Safety Team: Cordle, chairman; Alderman-elect Mat Silverman, D-Ward 5.

Transportation and Parking Team: Barbara Rasin Price; chairwoman, Alderman-elect Ian Pfeiffer, D-Ward 7.

Some of the members, like Legum and Trumbauer, played key roles in Cohen's campaign.

Fox, whose campaign for mayor included a floor plan for the Market House, is a member of the Market House and City Dock Team.

The transition team also includes Jennifer Monteith and Rock Toews, two Republicans who unsuccessfully ran to represent wards 7 and 8, respectively.

Pierre said that in the next few weeks she and Stiverson will meet with the committee heads and help them establish goals, objectives and structure. They will then advise Cohen and the new council on how they believe each city department should run, what their budget should be like and what services they should provide.

They're expected to "look at a broader scope at how to efficiently and effectively make government work," Pierre said.

The committees are scheduled to present their findings by the Jan. 11 council meeting. Cohen and the city's eight aldermen are scheduled to be sworn in Dec. 7.

Budget & Finance

Chairman: Maurice Tose

Committee Members:

  • Alderwoman Classie Hoyle, D-Ward 3
  • Tom Brandt
  • Debbie Gosselin
  • Shelly Lamar
  • Jennifer Monteith
  • Reza Jafari
  • Carl Snowden
  • Kathie Sulick

Economic Development

Chairman: Chuck Walsh

Committee Members:

  • Alderman Fred Paone, R-Ward 2
  • Carole Alexander
  • Gloria Brown
  • Bob Burdon
  • Jan Cort
  • Connie DelSignore
  • Dick Franyo
  • Jenelle Murph
  • J. Jeremy Parks
  • Jessica Jordan Paret
  • Sarah Wilkerson


Chairman: Chris Trumbauer

Committee Members:

  • Alderwoman Sheila Finlayson, D-Ward 3
  • Joel Dunn
  • Ted Gattino
  • Corinne Irwin
  • Karen Jennings
  • Zora Lathan
  • Suzanne Pogell
  • Kincey Potter
  • David Prosten
  • Kurt Riegel
  • Rob Schnabel

Government Structure & Permitting

Chairman: Doug Smith

Committee Members:

  • Alderman Ross Arnett, R-Ward 8
  • Rhonda Pindell Charles, Esq.
  • Michael Fox
  • Mark Garrity
  • Vicki Lathom
  • Vince Leggett
  • Bob Libson
  • Michael Pachler
  • Molly Smith
  • Dinny White

Housing & Community Services

Chairman: Sharon Brown

Committee Members:

  • Alderman-elect Kenny Kirby, D-Ward 6
  • Cynthia Carter       
  • Maria Casasco
  • Deneice Fisher
  • Armando Gonzalez
  • Melinda Hamilton
  • Devin Heritage
  • Kate Rollason
  • Rock Toews

Market House & City Dock

Chairman: Judd Legum

Committee Members:

  • Alderman Dick Israel, D-Ward 1
  • Sandy Cohen
  • Chris Fox
  • Allan James
  • Michael Jackson
  • John “Bumper” Moyer
  • Jim Nolan
  • Pearse O’Doherty
  • Craig Purcell
  • Cathy Schultz
  • Craig Sewell

Public Safety

Chairman: Alderman Dave Cordle

Committee Members:

  • Alderman-elect Mat Silverman, D-Ward 5
  • Jennifer Adams
  • Antonio Brown
  • Bill Donoho
  • Lee Finney
  • Rev. Henry Green
  • Debbie Johnson
  • Jay Martin
  • Vic Pascoe 

Transportation & Parking

Chairman: Barbara Rasin Price

Committee Members:

  • Alderman-elect Ian Pfeiffer, D-Ward 7
  • Paul Foer
  • Bill Herald
  • Dave Humphreys
  • Martha Mitchell
  • Shelley Row
  • Jerry South
  • Chance Walgran
  • Jim Wildey


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