Our Bay: Rain barrel resources

The Capital, November 08, 2008

Rain barrels are becoming more popular and are easier to find. There are a variety of styles and prices available. Here are some resources for buying a rain barrel.

Arlington Echo: The county's outdoor education center in Millersville has been on the forefront of the local rain barrel movement. "Echo barrels" are made from recycled plastic 55-gallon barrels, usually white. A barrel costs $80, adding a spigot is an extra $10. Proceeds from sales help pay for restoration projects involving students. Many local groups that give away or sell rain barrels get them from Arlington Echo. For more information, call 410-222-5318 or visit www.arlingtonecho.net/Restoration-Projects/Rain-Barrels.html.

K&B True Value: The K&B True Value store at 912 Forest Drive in Annapolis sells 54-gallon, dark green plastic rain barrels for $129. By spring, the store expects to have 34-gallon collapsible rain barrels for $99. For more information, call 410-268-3939.

Clement Hardware: Clement Hardware at 500 Ritchie Highway in Severna Park started carrying rain barrels this summer, but only keeps a few in stock. The 54-gallon barrels are made from dark green plastic. The cost is $110. For more information, call 410-647-4611.

Sam's Club: Some local sites of the wholesale club sold oak rain barrels from a company called TerraCycle as a seasonal item this spring. A corporate spokesman said the company will consider selling them again, so keep your eyes peeled. Sam's Club is at 2100 Generals Highway in Annapolis, 424 George Clauss Blvd. in Severn and 3535 Russett Green East in Laurel. For more information, visit www.samsclub.com.

Sun-Mar: Sun-Mar Maryland, a Baltimore-based company, sells rectangular, 75-gallon rain "boxes" and more traditional rain barrels online. The boxes are $180 plus shipping and the barrels are $120 plus shipping. For more information, call 410-979-2713 or visit www.sustainablegreen homesolutions.com.

Gardener's Supply: Gardener's Supply Company in Vermont has several types of rainwater urns and barrels made from plastic and wood with capacities from 40 gallons to 110 gallons. Prices range from $129 to $249, plus shipping. For more information, call 888-833-1412 or visit www.gardeners.com.

Kentucky Barrels: Kentucky Barrels sells rain barrels crafted from old whiskey and wine barrels. Residents in the historic district of Annapolis have won approval to use this style at their homes. Prices are $160 to $170, plus shipping. For more information, call 606-346-0887 or visit www.kentuckybarrels.com.

(Revised November 2008)