State of the Severn

Published October 20, 2008

The Severn River Association has a slate of experts to discuss the "State of the Severn" beginning at 7 p.m. tomorrow at the Calvary United Methodist Church, 301 Rowe Blvd. The presentations are open to the public and will give a comprehensive view of the river - including its tributaries and the watershed.

Speakers and their topics include:

Former state Sen. Gerald W. Winegrad, University of Maryland: What Needs to be Done to Restore the Severn and the Bay?

Dr. Kurt Riegel, president of the Severn River Association: State of the Severn.

Dr. Pierre Henkart, Severn Riverkeeper Program: Severn Water Quality, 2006 to 2008.

Dr. Sally Hornor, Anne Arundel Community College: Operation Clearwater: Microbial Water Quality Monitoring in the Severn River.

Ron Bowen, director of county Department of Public Works: Severn River Watershed Challenges.

Mike Lehman, American Forests: Forestation Trends and Their Significance.

Ted Gattino, Severn Riverkeeper Program: Impervious Surface Changes and Water Quality in the Severn River.

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(Revised October 2008)