Land Use and Land Cover
within the Severn River Watershed

Click and zoom in on the interactive GIS Map
to discover information about the land use and
land cover within the Severn River watershed.

Raising Oysters Returns In Full Swing To The Severn!

A big thanks goes to our team of oyster growers throughout the Seven River who participate in the Marylanders Grow Oysters (MGO) program this year. Our volunteer oyster growers will be out there all winter raising our next crop of oysters under their piers. Then in June, they’ll plant their one-year old oysters on the Traces Hollow restoration […]

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  • Water Quality Monitoring

    River Monitoring: Measuring salinity, total dissolved solids, temperature & conductivity

  • Join Our MGO Oyster Team: Click here to become an oyster grower in your river

  • SRA Floating Classroom: Experience a hands-on environmental & scientific adventure on the river