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Edward Delaplaine

Board Member

Edward “Ted” Delaplaine is a retired engineer who has lived in the Palisades on the Severn for 11 years. He has an MS in Applied Physics from Johns Hopkins University, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from CWRU in Cleveland, and a BA from Duquesne University. He has been on the board at SRA since 2018. Ted is also V.P. of Delaplaine Foundation, and on the board of the Delaplaine Arts Center. Ted serves on the Oyster Committee at SRA where he helps administer the SRA’s Marylanders Grow Oysters program for the Severn River, and is also an MGO distributor for the Palisades, Herald Harbor, and Arden. Ted has been instrumental in the success of the SRA’s Build-a-Reef oyster restoration, which has overseen the planting of 158 million baby oysters in the Severn since 2018. His interests include birdwatching, travel, boating, photography, oysters, science, and the arts.