Encourage Enforcement

The health of our watershed depends on responsible behavior, protective laws and enforcement of regulations under those laws.

One way to help is to be alert, whether on land or water, to activities that you suspect are creating problems that threaten water quality or your way of life.

If you suspect an activity might be a violation of discharge, building, grading, clearing rules or other non-permitted activity, Anne Arundel County encourages you to report it ASAP so their inspectors can investigate the activity. 

You do not have to make a determination of whether there is a violation. Just report the activity so the inspectors can decide whether there was a violation of code or regulations.

And, you can report suspected violations anonymously.

To make things easier for the inspectors, please include two critical pieces of information:

  1.  The street address of where the suspected violation is happening or has occurred, and
  2.  Pictures of the suspected activity, such as mud flowing into a storm drain, failing stormwater controls at a construction site, tree clearings etc.

Report these types of suspected violations to Anne Arundel County’s Inspections and Permits (I&P) department by: 

Note: It is crucial to give I&P a street address for the suspected discharge or other violation. County inspectors do not have a boat; they can only arrive at the scene by car.

It is also extremely helpful to include a photograph of the incident.

If you’re reporting a suspected problem from the river, take latitude and longitude readings from close by the activity.

If you can, send copy of your email or report to the Severn River Association at Info@severnriver.org.

AA County’s Office of Planning & Zoning also handles violations such as:

  • Unregistered or inoperable vehicles
  • Junk
  • Oversize vehicle on residential or Business lots
  • Sign violations, and
  • Fowl/other animals.

Report these suspected violations to: Report Zoning Violations Online. 

Other contacts:

MD Natural Resources Police

  • 800.628.9944

MD Department of Environment (spills, etc.)

  • 866.633.4686

Annapolis Harbormaster

  • 410.263.7973