Report a Violation

Encourage Enforcement

The health of our watershed depends on responsible behavior, protective laws, and enforcement of rules and regulations under those laws.

One way to help is to be alert, whether on land or water, to behaviors and practices that are damaging. When you can helpfully show a better way in conversations with friends and neighbors, we encourage you to do so.

But if you witness a clear violation of law, we encourage you to report it so that authorities charged with enforcement responsibilities can do their duty. Here are contacts to consult for information about the rules, and for filing reports of violations:

Anne Arundel County Inspections and Permits and Report Violations Online  

AA County 24/7 Hotline

  • For grading, stormwater management, other infrastructure & landscaping violations
  • 410.222.7171

MD Natural Resources Police

  • 800.628.9944

MD Department of Environment (spills, etc.)

  • 866.633.4686

Annapolis Harbormaster

  • 410.263.7973