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Full-Service MGO Program

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Welcome to the pilot program for Back Creek residents.

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What do you get when you sign up for the Full-Service MGO Program?

Back Creek residents of the Severn River are now able to sign up for the maintenance-free and hassel-free
Full-Service MGO Program hosted by the Severn River Association and Live Water Foundation.

Advantages of the Full-Service MGO Program
  • Oyster cages containing live oyster spat will be installed for you on your pier in the fall.
  • Oysters will be maintained for you during the growing season (checked, cleaned & lowered, etc.)
  • Oysters will be taken to the Severn River MGO Sanctuary Reef at Traces Hollow for you in June.
  • Cages will be collected, cleaned, and stored off-site and refurbished for future use.
  • NOTE: These services will be provided by Live Water Foundation.

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