Boat Shrink Wrap Recycling Program

Published: April 23, 2024

Good news for all you boaters out there – Maryland has expanded their boat shrink wrap recycling program to Anne Arundel County.

This program was tested in Queen Anne’s county last year and saved a total of 65,000 pounds of shrink wrap. The full details are in the article, but here are some key points:
1. Shrink wrap must be free of zippers, straps, vents, doors, etc
2. Get your recycling bag for only $15 at Fawcett Boat Supplies or West Marine
3. Take your bag to a special dumpster
This is amazing news and long awaited for in a boating community like Annapolis. Do your part and recycle today or get a custom canvas cover made!

Maryland Expands Boat Shrink Wrap Recycling Program