Crosby Crew: 6 Weeks Of Work In A Single Day!

Published: October 30, 2018

Special thanks goes out to the team from Crosby Marketing Communications who volunteered to enlist in the SAV Navy on Sept. 27 to monitor and identify our submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) in the Severn River.

Each year employees with the West Annapolis-based company volunteer their time and energy for a Day of Service to help a variety of groups in the Annapolis area.

This year, Crosby’s Gillian Pommerehn, Britany Hubbard and Tim Staines helped organize a cool (literally, it was cool and cloudy but it was not raining) day on the water to sample and identify the fabled SAV on the eastern shores of Round Bay.

They rounded up some kayaks and enlisted in the SAV Navy as The Crosby Kayak Squadron. After a training session on the beach, we all went to work surveying grass beds from Sullivan’s Cove all along the eastern Round Bay shore down to Ringgold Cove.

Enjoy some shots of the Squadron leaving port:

And just how did the Crosby Squadron get way down to the monitoring stations, some of which were 2 miles away?

Special thanks to SRA board members, John Page Williams from Pendennis Mount, Mark Lister from Palisades, and Dr. Stan Watkins from Cool Springs Pond, for providing towing services to get all of the Crosby Squadron to the various hard-to-reach monitoring spots.

That’s Dr. Stan Watkins in his Miss Cleo in the first pic, John Page Williams in First Light, and two of our crew enjoying the tow.

Six Weeks of SAV Work In One Day!

It was a great day and The Crosby Kayak Squadron generated reams of data to supplement the work of the SAV Navy’s grass surveys of the rest of the Severn River.

Here’s what they found: Widgeon, Redhead and Sago Pondweed underwater grasses.

Thanks to the Crosby crew, we were able to get 6 weeks of SAV sampling work done in one day!

And, huge, huge, huge thanks to Crosby’s Tim Staines for rounding up AND DELIVERING all those kayaks!