Help Save Our Trees! Ask Legislators to Protect Forests

Published: February 12, 2019

Who likes this look of this?

Maryland is currently losing the equivalent of 2,000 football fields worth of trees and Anne Arundel County is leading the clearing trend.

You can help stop this trend by urging your state legislators to adopt legislation to beef up the state’s Forest Conservation Act (FCA). The changes would protect our forests as our state and county develop.

Click here to sign an action letter hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation urging lawmakers to better protect our forests.

Look at all the wonderful things forests like these trees buffering a stream can provide:
  • food and shelter for wildlife,
  • filtering to remove polluted runoff,
  • cleaner air,
  • cooler summer temperatures, and
  • increased property values.

Unfortunately, Maryland is losing its forests at an alarming rate.

To save our trees, three bills before the Maryland Legislature present a comprehensive package that would make tremendous strides in protecting Maryland’s forests.

These bills include: commissioning a study of the current state of forest policy; redefining the definition of “no net loss of forest” in the current state policy goal, and addressing several issues related to the Forest Conservation Act’s Fee-In-Lieu program.

It’s easy to let your legislators know that you support the updates to the forest law.

To support our forests, click here to sign the action letter.