SRA Helps Fund Jones Cove Stormwater Solutions

Published: December 11, 2018

The Severn River Association is proud to announce grant support to address stormwater runoff problems in an area known as Jones Cove in Back Creek.

Jones Cove is the wooded area just behind the Eastport Post Office, at the intersection of Chesapeake Ave. and Americana Dr. It’s just down the road from where the proposed Lofts of Eastport development is to be located (see the area outlined in red).

Or if you’re entering Back Creek from the Bay, Jones Cove is the first inlet to starboard after you pass the first cluster of marinas.

The Back Creek Conservancy requested $1,500 matching grant from SRA’s Marshall Dowling Stormwater Action Fund (SAF), which offers seed grants to member organizations dealing with stormwater problems.

Member communities can use the SAF seed grants to help with design and implementation costs to build rain gardens, bio-retention areas, remove invasives and other stormwater control projects.

Back Creek Conservancy plans to engage Landscape Solutions, headed by Jennifer Vaccaro, to create a watershed assessment of Jones Cove to identify various ways to control stormwater.  Another $3,500 has been donated by residents of Jones Cove and the owner and developers of the Eastport Shopping Center.