Luce Creek Hammered By Silt Plume

Published: June 17, 2019

This was the sad news our Water Quality Crew found inside Luce Creek last Thursday (June 12) morning — an ugly mud flood from the overnight downpour.

Homeowners here are slowly watching their creek silt in.

This is mostly likely due to development upstream along Ridgley and/or Bestgate Rd. There was also a report of a water main break on Medical Parkway.

Our WQ Crew reported the situation to Anne Arundel County, which reports they are looking into the situation.

Meanwhile, our WQ Crew also reported that oxygen levels at the head of Luce Creek aren’t too good, 3.45 mg/l on bottom at 3.0 m.

This is dead zone levels on the bottom.  Good oxygen levels should be 5 mg/l or higher.

Salinity in Luce Creek reflects what we’re finding everywhere in the Severn¬† River, 4.46 psu.

Typically, salinity levels in the Severn River, which is usually a brackish waterway, should be in the 8 to 15 psu range.