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Osprey 7.27.2023

Published: July 28, 2023

What’s Captivating These Students? SRA’s College Intern, Havana, with OMOL’s Clara & Jasmine Tracking Osprey Osprey Date: 7.27.23 – They’ve spotted two osprey in a platform nest on the Severn River!  The students are helping survey and chart osprey nests (in trees, platforms, channel markers, on boat houses and even on boats) as part of […]

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Osprey 7.24.2023 – fledging flexing her wings on the Severn River

Published: July 24, 2023

Osprey date 7.24.23 – From nearby trees her parents are screaming out their intruder warning as Operation Osprey Project Leader Tom Guay and Osprey observer John Anderson, approached the nest to take GPS readings on our scientific research vessel, Sea Girl. Photos: Female Osprey fledgling flexes her wings – Volunteer John A searches for nests […]

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