Raising Oysters Returns In Full Swing To The Severn!

Published: November 29, 2021

A big thanks goes to our team of oyster growers throughout the Seven River who participate in the Marylanders Grow Oysters (MGO) program this year.

Our volunteer oyster growers will be out there all winter raising our next crop of oysters under their piers.

Then in June, they’ll plant their one-year old oysters on the Traces Hollow restoration reef next to the Rt. 50 Bridge.

MGO is a great family fun event as it gives everyone a chance to appreciate oysters and how they can help build a healthy habitat, not only for themselves, but for other creatures, including their human handlers!

Today’s young oyster growers are tomorrow’s environmental stewards, Guardians Of The Severn River!!!

SRA is proud to sponsor the MGO program in the Severn River, but all the credit goes to our volunteer growers (see pic), our volunteer MGO distributors, and our partners, Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Oyster Recovery Partnership, who provide the oyster spat-on-shell and cages.

Special thanks to our network of volunteer MGO distributors who donate their time and energy to manage all the distribution chores.

Thank You!!!