SRA Brings The Floating Classroom To Annapolis

Measuring clarity with a Secchi Disk.

This summer, SRA will bring our exciting Floating Classroom program to the City of Annapolis Recreation & Parks’ summer day camp program.

We’ll be taking campers from the Pip Moyer Recreation Center out on the Severn River for a hands-on, scientific experience studying water quality, oysters and reef habitat – and enjoy a boat ride.

During their adventures on SRA’s scientific research vessel, students will use professional water quality monitoring equipment to track oxygen, temperature, pH, salinity and clarity.

They’ll learn how these factors affect oysters, a keystone species in our waterways, and what they can do to ensure that oysters can thrive in the Severn River.

In the picture at right, students are using a Secchi disk to measure clarity.

The Floating Classroom is made possible thanks to generous support from our donors and education grants from the Chesapeake Bay Trust and Baltimore Gas & Electric.

Here are some pictures of other students enjoying their Classroom experience: