SRA Welcomes Douglas Kearney To Board Of Directors

Published: March 7, 2020

We would like to welcome Douglas Kearney, who hails from the Cove Of Cork community of Lindamoor, to the SRA Board of Directors. Doug will serve as Secretary.

Doug jumped right in to his new role during SRA’s March 5 board meeting. We are so glad to have Doug on board. He’s a Master Watershed Steward, Board Member of Lindamoor community on the Cove of Cork, proponent of SRA’s Marylanders Grow Oysters program, a sailor and a regular competitor in the Wednesday Night Racing series.

SRA Hires First Executive Director

Meanwhile, SRA’s Program Officer, Thomas Guay, who has served as SRA’s Program Officer for the past three years, has been promoted to serve as SRA’s Executive Director.

In past three years, Tom has been part of the team that built up SRA’s on-the-water science programs, recruited and trained citizen scientist volunteers, boosted memberships, donations and foundation support and initiated a series of college internships to help promote professional development for students seeking a scientific career.

Tom will be recruiting candidates to take over the Program Officer duties to build and manage our various on-the-water scientific and educational programs and develop internship opportunities.

Interested candidates should email Tom at: