State Of The Severn Report Coming Soon

Despite the stay-at-home realities presented by the Coronavirus situation, the SRA staff are still working away, preparing a final report on the State Of The Severn in 2019.

The final report is slated for an April 21 release.

There’s a ton of water quality (WQ) data to be crunched, charts to produce, grades to be assessed, pictures to sort, stories to tell, and all of this analysis can easily be done remotely, so our work continues. F

For example, that’s our Field Investigator, Izzie Ketcham, and WQ Crew member, Evan Rockenbauch, at left recording a record-setting clarity reading in Little Round Bay.

That’s Boat Capt. Doug holding the Secchi disk well over two meters away!

Thanks To The WQ Crew!

The 2019 State Of The Severn presentation is made possible thanks to the dedication of dozens of volunteer citizen scientists – our intrepid WQ Crew.

It was the volunteering spirit and enthusiasm of our WQ Crew and boat captains who made it all possible!


Every week, three times a week, the WQ Crew members were out on the river, collecting water quality data on oxygen, salinity, pH and temperature.

They collect data from a network of 41 monitoring stations throughout the Severn River and its tributaries.

The map at right shows locations of all of our monitoring stations, from the headwaters down to the creeks of Whitehall Bay and over to Lake Ogleton.

All of this WQ data collected by our volunteers is now available for review on the Chesapeake Data Explorer, a data-sharing platform run by our partner, the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative (CMC).

Click here to read more about our water quality data on Chesapeake Data Explorer.