Can You Help Us Monitor The Severn River?  

Published: July 11, 2019

Happy Summer Everyone! We are still recruiting volunteers to help out with our 2019 Water Quality monitoring campaign.

It’s easy and it’s a fun way to enjoy the Severn River.

And, I would like to thank all of our captains and crew members who have volunteered so far this summer to help out.

Thanks to you, we’re monitoring the entire river, from Ben Oaks in Severna Park to Lake Ogleton and the Whitehall Bay Creeks.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to volunteer, there is still time!

Since the beginning of June we have been hard at work collecting water quality data and we are now starting to compose graphs to explain the health of our river to a broader audience.

We’re tracking oxygen, salinity, pH and temperature levels to monitor the extent of a permanent dead zone at the bottom of Round Bay.

Monitoring The Entire Severn River

We have now expanded our operations, thanks to our amazing volunteers, to over 40 stations, so we need a few helping hands to join us on the tours. Each cruise is a three-hour exploration.

On Wednesdays we sample the upper river (about 16 stations), from Ben Oaks, Round Bay and down to Chase Creek.

On Thursdays we have one crew monitoring the middle river (about 13 stations) to monitor our oyster reefs near the mouth of Weems Creek and up to Saltworks Creek.

Another Thursday team checks the lower river (about 11 stations) to cover Lake Ogleton and the Whitehall Bay Creeks.

We now have openings on these tours through August.

To sign up, please go to our Doddle poll at:

Please feel free to let me know when you are free so we can get as many people involved on the river as possible!

If you have already filled out the poll please return to it using the link and edit your response or create a new response so I know when in August you are free. Please indicate whether you can offer your services as a boat captain or as one of our WQ Crew when you fill out the poll.

Thank you all again for your continued support of the Severn River Association. We appreciate all the help you have provided to us so far!

Again, to sign up, just fill out the doodle poll:

— Mackenzie Miller,
SRA’s Team Leader for the WQ Crew