SRA’s Water Quality Data Online For Your Review!

Published: March 7, 2022

All of SRA’s Severn River water quality monitoring data for the 2021 season is now available to review and study on the Chesapeake Data Explorer data sharing platform.

You can review oxygen, pH, temperature, salinity and clarity data collected by SRA’s team of citizen scientists collected at 51 monitoring stations between April and November.

The water quality data covers the entire river and 16 creeks, from Lake Ogleton and the creeks of Whitehall Bay to the head of the river offshore between Indian Landing and Ben Oaks Communities.

Click here to review the data on the Data Explorer platform. Once you drill down a bit to reach this section of the map, click on the dark green circles to review data at each location.

The map at right shows all of the 51 stations monitored by SRA.

The chart below left shows locations of SRA’s monitoring stations in the creeks of Whitehall Bay.

The chart below right shows locations of our mid-river creek stations and the five oyster restoration reefs our teams monitor every week between the Rt. 50 and USNA Bridges


SRA follows quality assurance protocols established by the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative (CMC), which hosts the Data Explorer.  SRA’s water quality data is available for scientific research, academic study and for regulators and policy makers to study, review and analyze.

SRA works with CMC and the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) to produce our Severn River report cards.

To download the Severn River report card, click here.  

Our 2021 report card and a series of Creek-By-Creek reports will be available this spring.