Who’s Ready to Jump In A Boat And Tour The Severn?

Published: February 12, 2019

Anybody looking for an excuse to get out in a boat and enjoy the Severn River?

Boy, do we have the opportunity you’re looking for — and you’ll be helping preserve this treasured waterway.

SRA is looking for volunteers to join a team of intrepid citizen scientists to help us monitor water quality in the Severn and its creeks.

The “job” involves involves a weekly tour of the Severn River, usually Wednesday mornings.

The WQ Teams will visit 16 to 20 locations in the Severn, its oyster reefs and its creeks to collect data profiles of dissolved oxygen, salinity, clarity, pH and temperature.

The tours usually last three to four hours.

Along the way, you’ll enjoy changing weather patterns, dramatic water views, tracking eagles, herons, osprey, beaver, turtles, fishermen, crabbers, sailors, water skiers, paddlers and even the odd attack of sea nettles.

SRA is recruiting two water quality (WQ) monitoring teams.

WQ Team One will monitor the Severn River from the headwater creeks to the southern entrance to Round Bay. See map at left.

WQ Team Two will monitor creeks and river stations from Rt. 50 Bridge south to the mouth of the Severn. See map at right.

There will be a lot of opportunities to pitch in to help. The weekly water quality monitoring season runs from May through October.

And, then for more fun, there’s a winter component too. Brrr.

To volunteer, send an email to TAGuay@severnriver.org.  Put WQ Team in the subject heading.