The Severn River Association works for the river you love to preserve this vital resource for future generations.


Building a broader and more diverse community of stewards is required if we are to meet the growing needs of an expanding population, while conserving the Severn River’s health. Connecting watershed residents, young and old, to the river is vital to fostering stewardship. And, fostering stewardship is vital to the long-term health of the Severn.

SRA inspires people to champion the Severn River and serves as a community resource for those who want to act, share or speak out by:

  • Empowering people to take actions that benefit the health of Severn River.
  • Supporting regulations that protect the Severn River watershed.
  • Leading a coalition of county, state and Severn River organizations to restore critical streams.


The colonists talked about oysters that measured 13 inches. The river was so clear you could see to depths of 20 feet or more.

But, during the past century, oysters and underwater grasses have been decimated by pollution and erosion, creating dead zones, fish kills and algae blooms. Our Severn River heritage, seafood, recreation and water quality are at risk.

With your support, the SRA can continue its work to restore Mother Nature’s water treatment plants – oysters and underwater grasses. With volunteers and partners we are re-establishing the processes necessary to support our river’s natural habitat by:

  • Improving water quality and river ecosystems by planting oyster reefs that will perform
    their natural, historic function – to filter the water.
  • Activating citizen scientists to monitor water quality, forage fish and underwater grasses.
  • Providing seed grants to communities to design and implement stormwater management


The Scenic Severn River hosts a myriad of recreational opportunities, ecological wonders and historic sites. It has been counted on for moments of great drama, and for attracting its share of characters. Hundreds of thousands of people enjoy the benefits on the Severn River. Whether its boating, swimming, sailing, fishing, crabbing, paddling – there is no denying its appeal.

Your gift to the SRA helps us preserve and protect one of the most biodiverse tracts of land, waterways and trails in the country by:

  • Hosting the John Wright Speaker Series on variety of natural, cultural, historical and recreational aspects of
    the Severn River.
  • Training volunteers to lead restoration efforts such as growing oysters, monitoring water quality
    and surveying underwater grasses.
  • Informing the public about how to support city and county efforts to reduce impacts from
    stormwater runoff and other pollutants that degrade the river.