Severn River Association’s
Healthy River Initiative

We cherish the Severn River for all of the cultural, social and economic values that it provides.

Yet, we are anxious about its future given all of the threats the Severn faces from pollution, climate change, development, stormwater runoff, and more.

The Severn River Association works year-round to keep the Severn River clean.

Our goal is to promote better fishing, swimming and boating, and to connect people to the wonders of the watershed.

Clean Boating – Clean Marinas

The SRA promotes clean boating in the Severn River in partnership with the Marine Trades Association of Maryland, Anne Arundel County, Department of Natural Resources and the City of Annapolis.

SRA’s fleet of three vessels affords our staff and volunteers year-round access to map and monitor the river’s bays, coves and creeks. The information gathered provides insights into the river’s health, and enables us to share its hidden gems with locals and visitors alike.

Operation Build-A-Reef

Planting billions of oysters in the coming decade; a single oyster can filter up to 50 gallons per day! In 2019, we are focused on raising $50,000 to plant 10 million oysters in the Severn River (with Oyster Recovery Partnership).

Marylanders Grow Oysters

Enlisting everyday citizens in the push to repopulate our rivers and the Chesapeake Bay with the Eastern Oyster — nature’s powerhouse water treatment system. We are the largest MGO group in the Bay, boasting more than 2,000 oyster cages!

SAV ‘Navy’ (Submerged Aquatic Vegetation)

Mapping and identifying the locations and health of our underwater grasses that shelter fish, turtles and crabs, and filter the water (with our volunteer “navy” of kayakers).

Water Quality Monitoring

Gathering consistent, accurate data, to gauge whether efforts to improve the Severn’s water quality are working.

It’s easy to get involved with SRA’s Healthy River Initiative.

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