Shoreline Census Program

Have you ever wondered what kinds of wildlife are swimming in your backyard? If so, the Shoreline Census program is perfect for you! This new environmental education program gives students and their families a chance to study all the creatures in the shoreline shallows.

Goals of the Shoreline Census program:

  1. Track which animals live in the near-shore environment of the Severn and how that population might alter based on changing tidal, weather or man-made conditions, and
  2. Connect with the near shore environment that is so often overlooked by users of the Severn. Appreciate the connection between land and water.

This program was developed by SRA Board Member Jeff Schomig and his son, Jason, which they tested out last year at the Ben Oaks and Round Bay communities. It employs a twelve-foot long haul seine net and a procedure to take a census of the fish and other creatures captured in the net.

Wide variety of shoreline creatures.

You may be surprised to see animals you don’t normally notice, like pipefish, gobies, small flounder, blennies, mud crabs, mosquito fish and others.

Participating communities will need to purchase the seine net and will receive training on how to conduct the seine net/census program. All Tackle, in Annapolis Town Center, sells a small seine net  (12ft with 1/8 inch mesh) for about $30.

We can train 4-5 communities for the program in 2022. If your community is interested, please email