Nature’s Best Hope – Dr. Doug Tallamy – May 2024

Published: May 22, 2024

We had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Doug Tallamy of the University of Delaware for our May 2024 John Wright Speaker Series. He spoke about how to transform our yards into biodiversity havens – even the smallest of yards! Here are some key points of hisĀ  presentation:

  1. We must shrink the lawn
  2. Keystone plants are essential
  3. Reduce the light pollution in your yard
  4. Landscape so caterpillars can fully develop

And Dr. Tallamy said every landscape plan should do 4 things (spoiler alert, turf grass doesn’t accomplish a single task):

  1. Support pollinators
  2. Support a food web
  3. Manage the watershed
  4. Sequester carbon