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SRA Floating Classroom


You’re invited to experience a hands-on environmental and scientific adventure
on the Severn River

Introducing SRA’s new Floating Classroom, where “class” is held aboard our 20-ft. Maritime Skiff, The Sea Girl.

The Floating Classroom is made possible by a grant from the the Chaney Foundation and support from SRA’s members and donors.

The Classroom program provides science-based experiences to enhance our appreciation of the Scenic Severn River.

During our 2- to 3- hour tour, students get a chance to learn about conditions in the water as they use water quality monitoring equipment to check on oxygen levels, pH, temperature, salinity and clarity.

They’ll also sample, identify and map our underwater grasses, check on our oysters and review other habitat for the creatures that share the river with us.

This is a fun program for students of all ages

To the right, four 7th graders enjoyed the boat ride, studying oysters and identifying underwater grasses.

Below, four rising seniors at Indian Creek School joined us for a Floating Classroom expedition sponsored by our student reporter, Havana Mullaly. The “class” is lead by SRA’s Executive Director, Tom Guay.

To the left is are Rebecca Streidel, Jenna Bellet, Havana and Addy Mock. The girls took water quality readings at our Marylanders Grow Oysters reef in the Severn (pretty good conditions).

That’s Jenna Bellet at right giving the thumbs up after completing the first round of data recording at the MGO reef known as Traces Hollow.

We started here so Havana and her pals could compare water quality conditions to those in Luce Creek (not so good).

Then we moved the Floating Classroom up stream to sample and identify underwater grasses, the fabled submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV).

Using guidebooks and an SAV Watchers datasheet, the team identified the SAV that thrives outside of Rays Pond: Widgeon, Redhead and Sago Pondweed.

And they learned how to prepare a sample of the submerged aquatic vegetation for proper identification.

Schedule Your Adventure!

We are now scheduling Floating Classroom adventures for small groups, up to 4 guests, in Sea Girl. Our classes set sail on Mondays and Tuesdays, at 10 a.m. or 1 p.m. weather permitting.

Info: Please email: Info@severnriver.org

This is hands-on citizen science that helps us all better appreciate and treasure the Severn River! The tours last 2 to 3 hours.

The 20-ft classroom affords room for social distancing while students learn first-hand how to:

  • take a clarity reading with a Secchi Disk,
  • measure oxygen, pH, temperature, salinity and clarity,
  • contribute to expanding our understanding of the Severn River,
  • identify species of underwater grasses, and
  • see what a restored reef looks like on the bottom of the river on a sonar-based fishfinder screen.

Everyone’s invited to join in the scientific and educational adventure aboard our “classroom,” Sea Girl.

SRA’s invitation to climb aboard Sea Girl for the Floating Classroom goes out to students, friends, children, Boy Scouts, Sea Scouts, Girl Scouts and adults (yes, they’re students too!).

Here’s are some of our guests on the Floating Classroom: