SRA’s Floating Classroom Returns In Spring!

As winter sets in and river-based events go into hibernation, it’s a great time to plan for your adventure on SRA’s Floating Classroom next spring and summer.

This is a hands-on, environmental, educational and scientific adventure where “class” is held aboard our 20-ft. Maritime skiff, Sea Girl, on the Severn River.

Students learn how oxygen and salinity levels – which they collect – affect oyster habitat, dead zones, oyster restoration efforts and wildlife that visit and depend on our river.

Look ahead, pick some dates and get your small class on the Sea Girl’s sailing and learning calendar.

SRA practices Covid-19 safety measures and we limit the size of the class to four students and a parent/guardian as we enjoy the great outdoors.

For more information or to schedule your adventure, send and email to: and put “Classroom” in the message box.

This is a fun adventure on the Severn River for students of all ages. 










The Floating Classroom is sponsored by the Chaney Foundation so we can take students and guests to learn about habitat and water conditions around our oyster restoration reefs.