Do You Treasure Our Scenic Severn River?

Dear Lovers Of The Severn,

Photo: Ted Delaplaine

A huge Thank You! goes out to all those who supported the Severn River during our June membership drive.

There’s still time to show your support for the Severn to ensure that volunteer-based programs to protect our treasured waterway continue through these troubling times.

Please consider supporting your river and watershed by joining or renewing your membership in the Severn River Association.

It’s simple, just click here.

And now, you can now support your river on a monthly basis. A $5-a-month donation goes a long, long way towards protecting your river.

Thanks to our members, supporters and volunteers, we just released the 2019 State Of The Severn report which chronicles some great news.

If you live on or around the Severn River or care about this body of water for any reason, I promise, it is worth the read.

Two highlights: We enjoyed a bounty of underwater grasses that help oxygenate and filter our river and we had a great year for swimming.

Your support directly funds staff and volunteer efforts to monitor challenges as they happen on the river.

For example, our teams recently tracked the extent of the algae bloom, also known as Mahogany Tide, to determine its effect on our river habitat and people.

To keep these programs going, please donate by clicking here.

NEW THIS YEAR: Become A Guardian Of The Severn!

If you can handle more, we’re introducing a new category of SRA supporters – become a Guardian Of The Severn by donating $10 a month, or $120 a year.

You can do this automatically every month. Just click here to use the Donate Monthly box.

As a special thank you to Guardians Of The Severn, we will send you our lovely Severn River map drawn and lettered by John Norton.

This the only map that names all the creeks in the Severn River watershed.

Photo: BlueMoon Photography

You can also donate by check. Just click here and then use the Donate By Check box.

Your support is crucial to protecting the Scenic Severn River and ensuring that it is a thriving ecosystem for generations to come.

This is an investment in your future, your children’s future and your grandchildren’s future.

It’s only with your help that we can make sure that it’s safe to swim at any time and that there are are plenty of fish, crabs and oysters to savor.


Your investment makes a world of difference to your river!

Your support is needed now, more than ever, to monitor the river’s health, restore oysters, protect shorelines, increase habitat, clean up creeks, and encourage stewardship.

In addition, your donation supports:

  1. Re-populating the Scenic Severn River with oysters,
  2. River-wide water quality monitoring and data collection,
  3. Creating the annual The State Of The Severn report card,
  4. Monthly John Wright Educational Speaker Series,
  5. SRA’s new Floating Classroom program for citizen scientists,
  6. Child-friendly scientific and educational opportunities,
  7. A search for 500 GEMS Of The Severn, and
  8. The Save Your Shoreline Campaign that promotes living shorelines.

It is so easy to donate, just click here.

Remember, when you renew your membership, or become a new member, you can opt to check a box to automatically renew your support every year. This helps us plan our resources and programs throughout the year.

Thank you for considering this request and for your continued support of our Severn River.

If you have any questions about this letter, would like to donate or volunteer, please contact our executive director, Tom Guay, at

Thank you so much for treasuring the Severn River!




David Read Barker
SRA President

PS: If you see Sea Girl, wave and say, “ahoy there” as we visit your creeks!

Photos: Ted Delaplaine, Blue Moon Photography