Post A Sign To Protect Our Underwater Grasses?

We could use a hand or two to help spread awareness about the importance of underwater grasses, the fabled submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV), in the Severn River and the Chesapeake Bay!

The Severn River Association is looking for volunteers who can post these cool-looking signs (pictured at right).

Can you help make arrangements to post these beautiful signs on private piers, community piers, marina docks, fuel docks and anywhere where boaters, sailors, fishermen and crabbers are likely to hang out?

We are part of a Bay-wide effort to to raise awareness of the numerous benefits that the grasses bring to a waterway.

Underwater grasses:

  • filter and clean the water,
  • create safe habitat for young fish and crabs,
  • oxygenate the water,
  • provide food for waterfowl and river otters,
  • sequester carbon, and
  • protect shorelines from erosion by dampening wave energy.

We are working with The Ocean Foundation, Shore Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay Trust to increase the number of boaters who practice “SAV-friendly” behavior throughout the Chesapeake Bay. For example, slowing down and trimming motors in areas with SAV.

Prizes For Taking The SAV Survey!

In addition to the signage, the SAV awareness project urges boaters to take a survey to assess appreciation of SAV and to realize that underwater grasses are a necessary ingredient to healthy underwater ecosystems and fisheries. Therefore, our SAV should be savored and protected.

Please take a moment to complete the following survey regarding underwater grasses in the Chesapeake Bay. Your entry will have you entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of one $100, two $50, or four $20 gift cards to West Marine!

To win a chance for a prize, Click Here to take the survey.

Please contact SRA Executive Director Tom Guay with interest and any further questions regarding this exciting opportunity: