Marylanders Grow Oysters

New Report: Oysters Thriving In Severn River; Reefs Rebuilding

March 7, 2022

Recent efforts to bring oysters back to the Severn River are succeeding! The good news comes in a new report on a scientific oyster diver conducted by the Severn River Association. The report highlights that oyster populations on three restoration reefs are exceeding oyster restoration thresholds of 50 oysters/m2 and the oysters are starting to naturally […]

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Raising Oysters Returns In Full Swing To The Severn!

November 29, 2021

A big thanks goes to our team of oyster growers throughout the Seven River who participate in the Marylanders Grow Oysters (MGO) program this year. Our volunteer oyster growers will be out there all winter raising our next crop of oysters under their piers. Then in June, they’ll plant their one-year old oysters on the Traces Hollow restoration […]

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Divers Find Proof of Natural Oyster Reproduction in Severn River!!!!

July 20, 2021

The Severn River Association has some really great news to report: our oysters are naturally reproducing in the Severn River! It doesn’t happen a lot, but it does happen. This is wonderful news because it means that one day, if we can maintain good water quality in the Severn River, we can recreate self-sustaining oyster […]

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Our Oysters Enjoy Good Water Quality

January 18, 2021

Some great news to end 2020 – our oysters were doing well in the Severn River. The dead zones of low-oxygen waters did not infringe on the five restoration reefs in the river between the Rt. 50 and U.S. Naval Academy Bridges. We are pleased to release a special report on oxygen and salinity levels […]

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Oysters To The Rescue!

May 11, 2020

Keeping Our Fingers Crossed for a new MGO Season by Havana Mullaly I remember very distinctly the first time I went to the Severn River. I instantly wanted to jump into the refreshing blue water. But as my toes began to meet the water’s edge, I was stopped and told that it was too dirty […]

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