The Floating Classroom Is Underway!

5th Graders Enjoying The Floating Classroom

The fall is a great time for students to enjoy a scientific adventure on the Severn River to study oyster habitat and the connection to water quality.

It’s time to schedule a Floating Classroom experience, a three-hour, hands-on introduction to water quality and habitat on the Severn River.

This is a wonderful outdoor program to help students, grades 4 through 12, learn about their own backyard habitats on the Severn – and enjoy a boat ride!

Led by our Instructor, Briana Yancy, the Floating Classroom sails aboard SRA’s scientific research vessel, Sea Girl, on Mondays and Tuesdays for a three-hour, hands-on adventure … out on the river and enjoying a beautiful day.

SAV In The Severn: Widgeo, Sago, Redhead

Our guests learn about oxygen and salinity levels, how these affect oysters and other creatures that make the Severn River home.

They also learn about underwater grasses and how these valuable grasses create:

  1. habitat for crabs and fish,
  2. oxygenate the water,
  3. clean and filter the water,
  4. provide food for ducks, otters and other migratory birds,
  5. protect shorelines from wave-caused erosion, and
  6. sequester carbon dioxide.

SRA’s Floating Classroom is made possible thanks to support from Chaney Enterprises and the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

To schedule a class, email and put “classroom” in the message box.