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New Report: Oysters Thriving In Severn River; Reefs Rebuilding

March 7, 2022

Recent efforts to bring oysters back to the Severn River are succeeding! The good news comes in a new report on a scientific oyster diver conducted by the Severn River Association. The report highlights that oyster populations on three restoration reefs are exceeding oyster restoration thresholds of 50 oysters/m2 and the oysters are starting to naturally […]

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Build-A-Reef: 24 Million More Oysters In The Severn

September 13, 2021

Boy, do we have some really great oyster restoration news in the Severn River! Thanks to private donors who love oysters, Smyth Jewelers, the Severn River Association and the Oyster Recovery Partnership have just planted 24 million baby oysters and created a new oyster restoration reef in the Severn. The new bivalve arrivals are now […]

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Can You Help Restore Oysters To The Severn?

July 12, 2021

With your support now, we can continue to re-populate the Severn River with oysters this summer to plant 20 million oyster spat-on-shell and open another oyster restoration reef. The Severn River Association is again partnering with the Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP) this year. The Build-A-Reef campaign is part of SRA’s strategic vision to re-populate oysters […]

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YOU Can Help Plant 20 Million Oysters!

May 13, 2021

Dear Lovers Of The Severn, Thanks to the support of community members like you, we are close to being able to plant another 20 million oysters in the Severn River this year! But we still need your help to make Operation Build-A-Reef: Severn River a success this summer.  YOU can be part of Operation Build-a-Reef: Severn […]

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Special Report – Oysters At Traces Hollow Doing Well

November 23, 2020

Great news for our oyster restoration program! Our oysters that live on four restoration reefs in the Severn River are enjoying good water quality (WQ) conditions in the area between the Rt. 50 and USNA Bridges. A special report produced by SRA Field Investigator Emi McGeady focuses particularly on the Traces Hollow reef that is […]

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