oyster restoration

Build-A-Reef: 24 Million More Oysters In The Severn

September 13, 2021

Boy, do we have some really great oyster restoration news in the Severn River! Thanks to private donors who love oysters, Smyth Jewelers, the Severn River Association and the Oyster Recovery Partnership have just planted 24 million baby oysters and created a new oyster restoration reef in the Severn. The new bivalve arrivals are now […]

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Severn River Oysters – Are Fertilizers A Threat?

January 19, 2021

— by Joan Treichel, SRA Science Reporter Oyster restoration in the Severn River is a major SRA program, enlisting some 400 volunteers each year. In 2018, volunteers and donors planted 47 million oysters. This past July, the number was 17 million. And more will be coming. But there is a threat to this master plan — […]

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